SPORTS: Euro2008

i posted my thread “Euro08… oh my”… now gone and missing. 17 reply all vanished… i don’t know why… could someone explain to me.???

OK. the time is come for Germany to send the Ottoman home… The Swiss, Czech & Croatian (so sad) all failed to do. Let is pray, together with Pope Ben16 (Germany) hopefully Germany can win or must win, stop the Ottoman reaching to Austria (final)

Thank you Lord… please Lord, please, please.

Heh, nice parallels drawn with the history of Turkish invasions into Europe

Are the Schismatic Russians and the Spaniards in the Game to reppel the infidels-:smiley:

yeah yeah u no need to say a thing, just pray for our Lady. Let us pray together… no time already. the match will start soon, very soon… Our Lady of victory we need your miracle. please, please. :crossrc: stop them fr reaching to Austria the finale.

Hello! Mr… can u tell me where is my previous thread “Euro08… oh my”. ???

Possibly because it was posted in the wrong forum - it probably belongs in the ‘Back Fence’ or somewhere like that - it probably didn’t belong in a forum largely given over to Catholics discussing particular forms of the Latin mass and Vatican Councils.

Yes, it probably belongs in Back Fence. We had a Euro 2008 thread there at one time, but I think it dropped fast from lack of participation.

Not that it matters, now that Turkey is out. :o

Woo-hoo! 3000 posts!

I was wondering…Jedi must be happy tonight!!

:crossrc: Thank you Lord, Thank you Our Lady of Victory… Thank you everybody…

Hello BSHoop96, e’ryone, congratulation… Alrite, alrite. when the turk scored in the 86 min. Oh no!! not again… they strike the crossbar in 94min, woow lucky didn’t go in, Our Lady is there… Is over now. Mission accomplished.
i can rest now… later i buy one turkey to celebrate…OK… :thumbsup:

I am :slight_smile:

Man, that game could have gone either way.

Now they just have to beat Spain or Russia>

Tomorrow’s Spain vs Russia could go either way too.

What an exciting and unpredictable tournament it has been!!

Bad timing on my part as I will be at a retreat at a monastery the morning of the final.

Thank God for Tivo I guess :slight_smile:

For me it doesn’t matter who win the championship, of cause i hope Italy can make it, but they home early. but the ottoman can’t go to Austria (Finale). they suppose to going home in the group stage. OK. :thumbsup:

The German has reppeled the Infidels!:thumbsup:
Now is the Schismatics vs the Spaniards.

Viva Viva Aviva
Espanyol champion of Euro08. :thumbsup:

congratulation to runners up: Germany. :thumbsup:

As a fan of Gernamy I was quite disappointed in how they “chose” to plya their final match. They looked really sloppy, especially up front – nothing happening there.

I did not mind them losing to Spain at all. I was happy for Spain to finally need their long series of disappointing their fans in major competitions. Of course, I would have been happier had Germany won. Schweinsteiger played well as usual, but the rest of the team looked rusty. Perhaps they had too many days of rest?

Anyway, two more years until World Cup 2010! Go U.S.A…? lol

Yes, Germany didn’t play well at all. Espana deserved to win, Espana maintained 100% wining record at Euro08. They are European no. 1… :thumbsup:

Don’t worry my friend, no doubt USA will go to South Africa World Cup2010… but England??? wait & see.

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