Sports in the Holy See

So I’ve seen the various news about priests playing and participating in sports in the holy see. Can we get a Catholic eSports venue? I’d love to play video games with priests. I particularly like paradox interactive games like Crusader Kings II or Europa Universalis IV, where you can play the Holy See. It’d be hard to turn these alternative history games into sports, but people could join in cooperatively or competitively as any nation in the world. Or you know, we could always play StarCraft or Counter Strike.

Another game I enjoyed perhaps too much was the Guild 2 Renaissance. I would be a rogue and toll the businesses for passing on a public road, then I would get into politics and rise to Inquisitor to torture my political opponents while the election went on, and my dynasty would win every post guaranteed. I would also steal from the city coffers and set the taxes to zero so the city could quickly grow into the regal city. Didn’t find out how to usurp the King though. Then I would marry a scholar so I could start a church and execute people for witchcraft.

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