"Spotlight" director Tom McCarthy's investigative reporting


“Spotlight” director Tom McCarthy’s investigative reporting


The movie “Spotlight” has SIX chances to win an Oscar when the call goes out for THE ENVELOPE, PLEASE… in three weeks’ time. Lesley Stahl of “60 Minutes” talks with the film’s director, Tom McCarthy:…

…“Spotlight” is the true story of how reporters at the Boston Globe uncovered the scandal of Catholic priests preying on young children…MORE

Unfortuantely, this will highlight to the whole world watching the Oscars, exposure to the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal


The whole scandal is diabolical. I pray (and cry) for all innocents who have been affected by it. It is far better that this is brought to light.


Did you see the film? It is, obviously, extremely well done.
And it’s an important topic to explore. I hope it wins a lot of awards, he/it really deserves it.



The world has been painfully aware of this for quite some time. It is the one thing that almost kept me from converting to Catholicism and is the reason for many people leaving the Church.


I still can’t bring myself to watch the movie, even though I hear it is well done…such a sad topic.:frowning:


Yes it is well done and an important topic that still needs to be discussed.
They have already had several awards shows and I am not sure if it has won one award yet. There are some bigger movies out there.



Vatican Radio praises movie on Boston Globe coverage of clergy abuse
A new film about The Boston Globe’s coverage of child sexual abuse scandals in the Church 13 years ago has drawn strong praise from the Vatican’s official radio outlet, which described the movie as “honest” and “compelling.”




Tom McCarthy: ‘Spotlight is not an attack on the Catholic Church’



Nearly 15 years on, and the Church sex abuse scandals are still discussed regularly, several times a year, within the MSM. Needless to say, the ‘film’ is up for **6 ** :rolleyes: oscars so as to ensure it will get the utmost PR and attention to potentially attract more cinema goers.

IMO whether the film is sensitive or not, is neither here nor there - it’s just bringing the subject matter into the public arena once again.

Will be interesting to see box office numbers - I,for one, won’t be rushing out to see it.

In comparison, I wonder will this story be made into a movie.



I couldn’t get your link to work. Sorry.

You shouldn’t be afraid or put off from seeing this movie.


Hopefully this link will work.catholicworldreport.com/Blog/4513/did_a_philadelphia_altar_boy_lie_about_sex_abuse_inewsweeki_investigates.aspx

It’s not really a question of being put off seeing it, it’s just that the subject matter has been beaten to death, for 15 years and there’s nothing new to tell.


well I wasn’t Catholic when the Boston sex abuse scandal broke out so I was interested to see how it was uncovered.

your new link did work. I read another story about this altar boy that was posted on another thread that is better than this link. It tells of all the discrepancies and also gives more background on the accuser. I believe it is the same case. I don’t remember the title of the thread now.


Has not Canada for a few years now, had similar movies? I believe so.


The situation is also being discussed in non-mainstream media–and at the Vatican.
Seems officials at the Vatican still want to talk about it very much, as per their 3-day meeting on Clerical Sex Abuse going on right now.
And…they want to see Spotlight. They had a special screening of it a few days ago.

I’m glad the commission doesn’t feel this topic has been “beaten to death.”

On The Eve Of Clerical Sex Abuse Commission Meeting, The Vatican Held A Screening Of ‘Spotlight’

Spotlight, a Best Picture contender at the Oscars, is a gripping exploration of how reporters at the Boston Globe revealed rampant sexual abuse among priests in Boston and the lengths to which the clergy went to keep those crimes under-wraps.
On Thursday, the movie was screened for a special audience: The Vatican commission on clerical sex abuse.
As the L.A. Times reports, the private screening took place in the church where Pope Francis (when Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio) stayed before he was elected as pope in 2013. The viewing kicked off a three-day meeting of the commission…




The story you posted re the Newsweek feature on the altar boy is a good example of how the mainstream media reports on different sides to this topic as well.



No other MSM outlet ran with the story, aside from Newsweek, which was good coverage. All others were religious press.

As the movie has already been produced and being shown, around the word, what else could the Vatican say. :shrug: However, their statements were fully counterbalanced with the fact that stringent measures are now in place to ensure it does not happen again.

I doubt, anyone in the Vatican would have lost any sleep, if the movie had never been produced. But the damage is done, as they say, so the Vatican handled it eloquently.

However, IMO it is secularised overkill, 16 years later and especially the ‘6’ oscar nominations :rolleyes: This will ensure the movie gets even more coverage, in addition to being referred to, with film clips played, over all the 6 nomination categories.

Yes, the scandals were heinous, but there’s a time to move on.

*Pellegrini wrote that the Catholic Church should not be wary of a film about its past failures.

After “decisions made by popes, Vatican departments, and episcopal conferences” to put the Church on a path of reform, he wrote, “designed for the extirpation of evil always and everywhere,” today there is nothing to fear.*


I didn’t see it, but I tend to wonder about the number of nominations as well. What other documentaries have been made this year? I would be interested if a documentary on the worldwide porn epidemic and the ties with human trafficking were made, but I’m skeptical it would garner nominations or cache. Everyone loves to skewer a sacred cow.

That said, we will never be able to forget this scandal. Add it to the list. The victims deserve our prayers and whatever healing possible. The thing about asking forgiveness is that people aren’t always ready to give it. And lastly, more than ever, the Church will need to be purified of sexual sin in the coming times.


As a survivor of clerical sexual abuse and a catholic chaplain who has found a way to maintain my faith in God through supportive Christian relationships outside the Catholic Church, I observe most Catholics to be unwilling to look closely at the log in our own eye when it comes to all the cover up lay people do to hide sexually abusive priests. The Texas priest who was just charged for murdering a 25 year old woman after she went to see him for confession in 1960 is only now facing consequences for his actions because the lay community denied the obvious truth of his guilt. This man lived 56 more years with a known history of raping and assaulting adult women who came to see him as a professional who was supposed to be trained to “help” them and offer them healing. But instead he took their lives. How many others did we lay Catholics allow him to assault and rape in the past 56 years because we failed to see the truth? Vulnerable young women are being used and sexually abused by priests. However, we Catholics want to look away and ignore this log in our own eye while we try to take the spec out of our neighbors eye. This is wrong. This is what the secular movie “spotlight” is trying to tell the catholic lay people today. We will be held accountable for how we choose to respond to the issues of today.





And has anyone read what Marie Collins said?


"I have concerns about what is happening in the Vatican Curia in relation to our work.

… I do not have the same confidence in those whose task it is to work with us within the Vatican and implement our proposals when approved by the Pope.

I feel strongly that anyone criticising the Commission is choosing the wrong target. There are many of good will in the Curia but unfortunately there are still those, at this top level, who worry more about their own fiefdoms and the threat of change than they do about the work the Commission is trying to do to protect children."

Not to mention their many allies in countries like -

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