Spouse as Confirmation Sponsor

Is it acceptable to be a sponsor for one’s own spouse for Confirmation?

It depends where you are. I don’t see it anywhere in the Catechism, but most locals do not permit someone who is in a close relationship with you (like a spouse). You’d have to talk to a priest or your diocese to find out for sure.

Technically yes, however the relationship between a confirmation sponsor and a confirmand is one of the former being a role model to the latter, not a relationship of equals as should exist in marriage.

My son-in-law was going to be my daughter’s sponsor, but our pastor changed it for just that reason, one of her sister’s-in-law was her sponsor.

I am my DH’s baptismal godparent and Confirmation sponsor. He was in the military and we didn’t know anyone at the parish where he was stationed…maybe that’s why it wasn’t a problem? This was back in 1974.

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