Spouse of the Holy Spirit


**Anti and Non-Catholic brothers and sisters always say that the Blessed Mother can never be the Spouse of the Holy Spirit because in the eyes of the Israelites St. Joseph was the rightful Spouse of the Blessed Mother…

May we know the position of our brothers and sisters on this issue…tnx.**


Joseph was the “legal” father of Jesus. But He was “conceived by the Holy Spirit.” If a child was born today and the virginal conception was claimed, how many people would actually believe it? Especially if the mother was married.


I think it makes sense that Mary is a daughter to the Father, Mother to the Son, and spouse to the Holy Spirit.

If Jesus had siblings, she’d be His sister too. :wink:

One of my favourite comments regarding St Joseph - and I read it on these forums somewhere - is that St Joseph married her still just to fulfill his duty of protecting the Holy Family. Mary’s virginity speaks highly of St Joseph’s character.


Actually for us catholics we have no problem here…

however, clarification needs to be done with respect to this topic…

did God decree the marriage of St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother?


Can we say that St. Joseph did not really become the Spouse of the Blessed Mother? He was with the Blessed Mother and Jesus precisely to protect them?


My guess is that St Joseph acted in the persona of the Holy Spirit… kind of like how a priest acts in the persona of Christ (persona christi - where the priest becomes the groom and the church is the bride). :twocents: Anyway, that’s just my thoughts… and probably wrong. :blush:


ah okies, although St. Joseph in his own volition definitely with the guidance of the Holy Spirit…

Through dream, God sent his message to St. Joseph to which he deal with it at once…


Just curious here— what effect, if any, would the lack of consumation have had on the legality of the marriage between Mary and Joseph? Obviously, the Jews did not know that marriage had not been consumated (an error still committed by many modern day Christians) and they assumed that Jesus was the biological son of Joseph. However, from a historical perspective, was consumation a requirement for a “legal” marriage?

We must remember that the term “Spouse of the Holy Spirit” is just an term used to express the familial relationship between the Holy Spirit and Mary. It is an expression, not meant to be confused with legal marriage between to human beings. While we are on earth, we can never understand the sublime beauty of the all that occured between the Spirit of God and Mary at the moment of the Incarnation. This is a kind of intimacy with God (I am NOT using the word intimacy in sexual sense) that a wife would have with a husband. Be that as it may, Catholics do not mean to imply that Mary and the Holy Spirit walked down the aisle together. “Spouse” is just the closest word we could get to the sacred relationship between Mary and the Holy Spirit. Similarly, the saying “I am a daughter of God” is an expression of familial relationship. Indeed, Jesus’ use of the word “Abba” regarding our Father was a profound insight into God’s desire to have a close familial relationship with His “children”.


we are not talking here of any sexual relation for that matter…

Actually St. Maximillian Mary Kolbe has his deept insights on this UNION between the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother…

If the marriage between St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother did consummated, didn’t it come to our mind that God may have committed an act of adultery?


Well, no, it would never have occurred to me that God may have committed adultery, firstly, because God would never do such a thing ;secondly because I already fully accept the doctrine of the perpetual virginity of Mary; and lastly because adultery involves intercourse which is, of course, not relevant … my question was strictly aimed at the legality of the Jewish marriage between Joseph and Mary from a historical perspective.

(I didn’t mean to imply that anyone was speaking of anything sexual previous to my post, I just did not want my comments regarding intimacy to be perceived that way. I have not read much about St. Maximillian Mary Kolbe, but I think he hit the nail on the head, so to speak.)


That’s correct…God will never commit such an act…

Having said that, can we say that the marriage of St. Joseph and Blessed Mother has not really been consummated?

Adultery doesn’t necessarily mean intercourse…just the bad thought with a woman, one has already committed an act of adultery…


I think that in the ancient sense consummation is having marital relations; this did not happen, because Mary was a virgin her entire life. I am not taking the position that their marriage was or was not valid according to the Jews. I am simply asking if according to ancient Judaism an unconsummated marriage was valid.

I suppose I was using the more modern usage of the word adultery which is defined as "voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband; " I do realize what Jesus said about lust and adultery. However, since neither lust nor adultery have anything to do with the union between the Holy Spirit and Mary, we ought not to worry about it in this discussion.


It’s good if someone can help us out regarding the law of the jews regarding marriages…whether or not marriage is consummated thru marital sex…

There is more we have to discuss regarding Mother Mary as Spouse of the Holy Spirit…

I hope someone can post here on jewish marriages…


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