Spreading the gospel to Pagans


Hi every one

           I have been a Catholic all my life. And I am trying to help non Catholics see that our Church is Jewish. It is pure truth. I want to teach the gospel to pagans. And to let them know the dangers of the occult but it seems that they bark at me. 

Sadly an I am only telling them the truth. They call us Catholics pagans and think they are truth. I was laughing in my mind. And said what in there right minds do they think they are. Satan is there God. So what do you think about all this? :blush: :shrug: :confused:


I was a very confused one but I kept holding on to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I knew that much but I was in the occult. I knew Mary wasn’t a goddess. I’ve known wiccans and I’ve known pagans. I’m 5 yrs out of the occult and never really got into their gods and goddesses but had enough things happen that freaked me out in those days. Enough said. I held on to enough of Catholicism to know there weren’t any others but somehow missed everything else. How to explain it? Fresh enough that I remember but I’m so far removed from that craziness.

Keep praying for them. I’ve learned talking can only go so far. Not too many years ago I heard about ‘summerland’. Have you? It’s ‘not heaven or hell but it’s where wiccans and pagans go’??? I never heard of that even when I was still in that junk. Ask Blessed Bartolo for his intercession too. :slight_smile: I think the green scapular was for conversion. I’m 99% sure the green scapular I have was given to me by my Catholic co-worker back in my dabbling days. I know he gave me a rosary booklet & I think that scapular too. Took me a while but I’m so far removed from those days thank God!


There’s nothing that can get a neo-pagan to close their ears to you faster than for you to tell them they worship Satan. Remember, they still have the wool over their eyes. Alot of them are honestly seeking true spirituality, but they are deceived.

Do not be arrogant or angry. None of that glorifies God.

Instead, pray, treat their concerns as your own (because some are honest), and answer in a godly manner. Don’t just talk at people, engage them.

Show them that true spirituality, to be truly engaged with the divine, they must be united to Christ. Do this through your words *and *deeds.


Thanks for the tip Dox :slight_smile: Do you think I will get them to repent using your standards and strategies? I really want them to see God and not Satan. LOL if you know what I mean. Dox it is not a fun path to be in Paganism.

Do you believe Paganism is under Satanic forces and do you believe that they are the biblical Harlot? :shrug:



I think that some issues that come up in evangelizing a certain group of people is the lack of taking them seriously just because they do no believe in the Gospel. Humans aren’t that different from each other; we are Christian and we are human. No one just becomes who they are in a vacuum. Learn how they have come to believe the way they do – given their life experiences and how Christianity had been presented to them, is their conclusion that farfetched? Are there answers you can provide them that answer their concerns in a sincere way? Show them that we, and our Lord, see them as people with a past and a future, not blind, bumbling infants.

You might want to research convert stories from neo-paganism to Christianity. Some had scary experiences, but what is more typical is that the Truth was finally revealed to them in a way that they were looking for all along. I think we are partially to blame for not getting over the stigma against neo-paganism and understanding that there are genuine seekers of truth in that movement, if only we’d engage them as such.

Do you believe Paganism is under Satanic forces and do you believe that they are the biblical Harlot? :shrug:

At “best”, it’s pop psychology and placebo effect, and at worst the influence is demonic.

But I should qualify it and say this: we should be careful not to give these practices too much credit. For all the talk about how some forms of martial arts, for example, should be avoided because they can involve “aligning your chakras”, this argument is inherently flawed. There are no such thing as chakras, nothing is being aligned. In fact, it’s just encouraging good posture and form – you can have both without all the chakra mess. Many do, including experts at the various forms.

Spells? More like positive thinking and wish fulfillment.

While engaging the people practically, we should not add more ammo to the hollow barrel of these practices through ignorance and fear. The Lord is with us, whom shall we fear?


I realize that you directed this to Dox, but i would like to also address your post.

Having formerly been involved in the occult, I can assure you that any preaching or harping at them will fall on deaf ears and quite possibly shut any door of opportunity you might possess.
I am not saying to keep quiet. i am saying that you must find very gentle means of showing them God’s grace in your life. Giving credit to God for your blessings when speaking to them can be highly effective.
Prayer is the best weapon at your disposal. Not a single Christian that I encountered ever try to proselytize when we were together. They prayed for me constantly when we were not together and would invite me to church. I declined every time but did take note that they were kind enough to show concern for me. They fed me when I was broke and hungry. They comforted me when I needed it. They lived their faith in front of me and never once made me feel unworthy or second class in doing so.
I too feel a strong compulsion to help as many neo-pagans as I can. Prayer is, hands down, the best way to do that. The Holy Spirit will work in their lives far better than you can ever do.
Show them your concern. Love is an action, not just words. Find ways that you can help them when they have a real need. I assure you, it is the rare neo-pagan that does not have a real need. And remember to pray, pray, pray. The Rosary is a wonderful weapon when used against the demonic forces that fuel neo-pagan belief. And yes, it is demonicly influenced. These demons mimic what God has ordained as spiritual law and divert attention away from the creator and onto the creation…be it spirits or nature, or whatever.
Hang in there. I’ll be praying for you.


Right you are my friend right you are. See I am stuck in to vocations and I am praying my heart out. What I mean is I sometimes think I have a religious vocation and other times the married life. I like this guy in my parish he is catholic too. Very religious and is a true christian. He is spanish, and I think he likes me too. That is why I said I am stuck. :blush: lol but all you can do is pray and ask God for guidence.

I will pray for you too hun. I hope your journey goes well. And may the light of Christ guide you in every walk you step.

~Love and Light~


I somehow kept trying to defend my occult junk, kept saying “but it IS from God!!” yet I’d battle. So I asked my wiccan friend back then and of course they said ‘yeah, it’s a God given gift’… doh! One friend back then told me I was so far off the narrow path and yeah, I remember getting very upset. I was so lost in the NAM junk, like new age shops and psychics could give me an answer… I thank God for the struggles that made me keep searching and searching. If I hadn’t kept searching for truth I might still be there. I’ve always been one who has to dig until I’m satisfied. even in the midst of life feeling upside down right now, again I know this isn’t forever and I thank God for that!


Hi Roza

          I am so proud of you that you kept on searching for God. I am greatful that you havent gave up. As a teen I was some how almost getting interested in Wicca and such but I stopped myself before I got in to far. I am a christian and all my life since an infant. See the devil puts these temptations in our awy and tries to stop us from knowing the truth.

Roza Well, you’ve come to the right place. As the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Most people that I encounter ask me to help them and some try to convert to christianity. If you need any advice or guidence I am here for you.

I also recommend CatholicsComehome.org and EWTN.com! There great websites. :wink: The Catholics Come Home web site is dedicated to providing good, solid answers to your questions. And let’s face it; many people these days have questions about the Catholic Church. And the same goes for EWTN. If you want to help converting non catholics to the faith first ask them what brought you here and why are you what you are today. Instead of barking at them and saying your faith is not of God. Some people tend to do that and scare these converters away and they provent them from actually becoming Catholic.

:slight_smile: WoW when I see that I am like these people dont know how to preach. The holy spirit does all the work. All you have to do is pray. Teach them about your conversion and tell them that true happiness is Jesus the Christ. The good news is that the path to a fuller understanding of the Church and Her teachings is not very difficult or time-consuming, but it may require a willingness on your part to consider things from a different perspective.

It’s like the stained-glass windows in an old cathedral. From the outside, they might appear dim and dark, and it’s hard to tell what they symbolize. But once you venture inside and see the windows with the light streaming through them, then you can begin to appreciate their beauty and understand the meaning of the lessons they teach through images. That is how I look at the church. And we dont worship images instead we venerate them and try to imitate Christ and his saints and how they lived a christ centered life. :thumbsup: It is wonderful being Catholic, even though Jesus was Jewish, he founded Catholicism and it is a Christian Jewish church! Of 2000 years of tradition since 33 A.D.:smiley: I will pray for you too Roza thanks for sharing your story and I hope you will convert your friends too.


I have to keep praying for my family, we have fallen away Catholics and well, not as deep as I got but still believe in ghosts and even stuff like UFOs etc etc. I lumped it all as Catholic as a kid & that was wrong. Whether or not we still have a wiccan, don’t know. Have friends that are. Interesting I was feeling drawn to Messianic Jewish churches but none were near me. The last thing I ever expected was to come back to being Catholic… only this time without all the extra junk I had thrown in.

I can’t really speak for my family & friends, don’t know their whole stories… but I do know I had a very warped view of Catholic. Still so much to learn.

All I do know, I was sleeping the first time around… there was Church and then there was ‘real life’ with things that go bump in the night etc. I was confused & not paying attention. I know that.


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