Sprinkling Rite on Easter Sunday

My music director just emailed me and the rest of our choir what we are singing on Easter Sunday:

Entrance: Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the Holy Anthem rise TM: 77 (29)
Sprinkling Rite: Water of Life (Instrumental (876)
Gloria: Mass of Creation
Responsorial Psalm: This is the Day
Gospel Acclamation: Celtic Alleluia MI: 377 (88) VS.*1
Easter Sequence:
Offertory: Worthy is the Lamb MI: 619 (631)
Mass of Creation
Communion: Our Blessing Cup MI: 351 (401)
Recessional: Jesus Christ is risen today TM: 64 (272)

I reminded her and the rest of the choir that the sprinkling rite on Easter Sunday does not take the place of the penitential rite but rather follows the Renewal of Baptismal Promises which takes the place of the creed. Is this the way that most of you experience it? I guess my other concern is why they might wonder I’m advising them about this, and what authority I have. I guess I’ve always been particular about the way things are done.

You are right…but it took me 4 years as a music director to remember that permanently. I put it in the lineup where it usually is every other time during the year, not thinking about it. The other item in the lineup is the sequence is supposed to go before the Gospel Acclamation I believe.

That’s not the way I read it, actually (and I’m looking at the new translation, not the old Sacramentary, but I don’t think anything has changed in that regard). The rubrics for the Mass of Easter Sunday at this point say:
The Creed is said.

However, in Easter Sunday Masses which are celebrated with a congregation, the rite of
the renewal of baptismal promises may take place after the Homily, according to the text
used at the Easter Vigil (p. ___). In that case the Creed is omitted.
I interpret that as referring only to the renewal of baptismal promises from the Vigil, not to the sprinkling rite that follows it, which I interpret as a separate ritual act.

Besides which, the GIRM says,
On Sundays, especially in the Season of Easter, in place of the customary Act of Penitence, from time to time the blessing and sprinkling of water to recall Baptism may take place.
Well, Easter Sunday is a Sunday in the Season of Easter, isn’t it? So if the sprinkling is done it would be with the introductory rite (which this rubric from the GIRM governs), not with the renewal of baptismal promises.

You have to go to Paschale Solemnitatis for the definitive answer:

B. Easter Day
97. Mass is to be celebrated on Easter Day with great solemnity. It is appropriate that the penitential rite on this day take the form of a sprinkling with water blessed at the Vigil, during which the antiphon “Vidi aquam”, or some other song of baptismal character should be sung. The stoups at the entrance to the church should also be filled with the same water.

Not to go off topic, but the “Sequence” is before the Gospel Acclamation.

Yes, it is after the Creed. I think she might have gotten confused because the OCP planner (I’m guessing she uses that) says that the sprinkling on Easter Sunday comes before the Gloria.

It’s not after the Creed on Easter Sunday – see Paschale Solemnitatis, our ‘how-to’ for Lent, the Triduum and Easter.

It’s after the baptismal promises at the Vigil but on Easter Sunday it replaces the Penitential Rite.

I don’t know why I said after the Creed, but…

My parish has always done it after the homily and baptismal promises, replacing the Creed. I always thought this was the correct form. :shrug:

Not to derail the thread, but how does everyone keep track of all these documents? :shrug:

I am really impressed!

I don’t know about anyone else but once I found out that just about everything we do at church is regulated by one document or another I started to search for them. At the time I was on the Liturgy Committee at my parish and also the secretary. I looked in the offices but, other than a Code of Canon Law, there were no documents to be found (ok, there was the GIRM in the Sacramentary but I didn’t get to handle that book much).

Then I found two sites on the internet that were treasure troves: EWTN library and Adoremus. vatican.va is also helpful but not quite as easily navigated as the previous two.Most of the documents you require can be found there. The more documents I found and read, the more documents I found out about from footnotes. I started a binder.

If you are interested, start with the GIRM and Redemptionis Sacramentum. Look at the footnotes and find the documents they refer to and read those.

In the Roman Missal (p. 387), it says that on Easter Sunday the Renewal of Baptismal Promises may take place after the homily according to the text used at the Easter Vigil (p. 382). It would take place of the Creed, and include the Sprinking Rite.
If the Sprinkling Rite is part of the Renewal and after the homily, one of the three options of the Penitential Rite would be used.

In the previous Sacramentary, the Renewal of Baptismal Promises and Sprinkling after the homily were the norm on Easter Sunday in the United States.

For Easter Sunday we did it after the renewal of baptismal promises, then for the remaining Sundays we do it after the Penitential Rite.

Standard Operating Procedure.
Only it’s in place of the Penitential Rite, not after.

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