Spriritual Direction same as Seal of Confession?

When we receive spiritual direction is it under the same seal as confession if it is outside a confession? I understand if we receive direction in the confessional it would be under the seal, but what about outside when the subject is brought up? Is it privileged like that between a doctor and patient or under the seal?

Thank you.

Spiritual direction is confidential but not to the degree that the sacrament of confession is. In the seal of the sacrament of confession the priest can never reveal a person’s sins no matter what. Spiritual direction, while confidential, is subject to all civil mandatory reporting laws.
If someone were to discuss a subject or situation in spiritual direction that the civil law requires the hearer to report to the authorities the the spiritual director must do so. According to the organization Spiritual Directors Intentional “all information shared in a spiritual direction relationship is subject to subpoena in the United States.”

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