Spritual Warfare - Traditionalist style

As the title says. I’d like to know some forms of Spiritual Warfare that are done by Traditionalists Catholics.

Ways of dealing with people doing witchcraft against you, evil spirits and so on.

Trust me as an ex-occultist I know there out there.

It’s good that you recognize spirituality as warfare. St. Ignatius, who was a soldier before he became a priest, taught that there is a battle for our souls, and we have to use everything in God’s arsenal. Satan and his minions are against us, but we have the Hosts of Heaven on our side if we truly choose to call on them. :slight_smile:

Sacramentals, and especially Holy Water, are powerful weapons against the Evil One, if used piously. Prayer and faith are great tools, and frequent Confession and reception of Holy Communion will be the strongest defenses for your soul.

Check out the spirituality forum for more info on the use of sacramentals and Holy Water. I can look for an exorcism that Pope Leo XIII authorized for use by the laity (an exorcism is not just for casting demons out of possessed persons, but for defense against the Evil One when he tempts you to sin). Read books by Father Amorth, the famous exorcist.

You should come down to the Low Country. PeeDee occultism ain’t got nuttin’ on Low Country incantations. We got sheriffs engaging in magickal combat against nefarious demon-mongers.

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I second that… :confused:

Ok, here is the Simple Exorcism for Priests or Laity by Pope Leo XIII. Please not that the website, TrueCatholic.org, is run by a rather odd group- they claim that Popes John XIII to Benedict XVI are not valid Popes, but that someone they elected, “Pope” (really Antipope) Pius XIII, is the true Bishop of Rome. Real rad-trad nuts, but the Exorcism is fine (I assure you that Leo XIII was a completely valid Pope ;)). Just ignore the rest of the site.

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Thank you, Caesar, for the prayer.

If you’re from Florence, SC, you should know all about this stuff.:smiley:

I live in the area and this is the first…

So are you going to tell us? Or keep speaking in riddles and veiled comments?

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Are the Laity really allowed to use this exorcism?:confused:

An old priest once told me that spiritual warfare should be a daily thing for us, saying that if one is totally comfortable with their faith and practice, then something is probably wrong. At first this seemed odd to me for him to say. Then I realized that he was saying that any struggle (keeping the faith for example, despite trials and troubles) involves a bit of tension. Too much is a bad thing. Too little, also bad. Think of an archery bow, useless if the string is too tight or slack. This “tension”, mindset, readiness to act or respond to adversity or to be faithful, implies a bit of spiritual discomfort which can serve as a gauge of sorts that tells us if we’re pressing on as we should.

I don’t think I fully understand the OP’s question: What traditional Catholic methods are usefully employed as a response to magic being used against you?

Is that a serious question?

Yes. Leo XIII intended this simple exorcism to be used by both priests and laity. Keep in mind that exorcisms are quite common, and traditionally would precede blessings. The Leo XIII exorcism is certainly not intended to be used in cases of possession, which must be handled by the Church (and the laity are not permitted to use the Rituale Romanum).

I regularly use this exorcism in my house.

That’s a great prayer–I’m saving that. Thanks for posting it :thumbsup:

St. Pio, St. Maximilian, Fr. John Corapi, and countless others will tell you, the most powerfull weapons against the demonic are the Rosary and Brown Scapular; throw in the Miraculous Medal, as well. I also agree with the previous posts regarding Holy Water and Pope Leo XIII’s exorcism for the laity. I’ve used them all. Consecrate yourself to Mary – I’ve used both the Montfortean and Kolbean formulas. Her praise in the Song of Songs, “Terrible as an army in battle array” understates the terror she causes in demons. Just go down the streets saying Hail Mary’s – and watch the fireworks begin.

I had a recent discussion with a local priest regarding demonic manifestations and spiritual warfare. He said each diocese has a priest specially designated and given faculties to perform exorcisms. Asking around, you can find a priest who can give you advice, and maybe put you in contact with the exorcist in your area.

Fr. Tom Euteneuer is an expert in this area and is writing a book on it, which I’m looking forward to. Look at these articles and follow the links in their pages:

Was Cho Seung-Hui Possessed?

Q&A: Angels and Demons

The Victory of “Emily Rose”

Yeah I just asked an FSSP priest about it, laity aren’t allowed. He suggested the St Michael prayer…I was curious about this because I knew that a document was released by the CDF in the 1980s forbidding Laity to use “commands” when speaking to the Devil. We’re allowed to ask God (and I think the Saints) to drive out the evil spirits.

Get a copy of “The Spiritual Life” by The Very Reverend Adolphe Tanquerey, S.S., D.D.

Sections 1531 through 1549 should be helpful.

"Thus, there are in the world the two Cities, so well described by St. Augustine, the two Camps and the two Standards mentioned by St. Ignatius. True Christians cannot hesitate; the more completely they give themselves to God, the more surely do they escape the empire of Satan. If God permits them to be tried, it is only for their greater good. Even in the midst of their sufferings they can say in all confidence: ’ If God is for us, who is against us? . . . Who is like unto God?’ " (Romans 8:31)

Sections 210 through 227 are worth your time also. The whole book is a classic.


I passed over the Miraculous Medal a bit quickly – it deserves more attention. Get a bag of 50 or 100. Get them blessed by a priest. Then leave them around places you think may need them. Read this account:

The Miraculous Conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne

A Catholic stealth bomber, or what? :slight_smile:

PS: St. Maximilian called them spiritual “bullets”.

A couple more good points – an article that lays it all out pretty well:

Spiritual Warfare: The Occult Has Demonic Influence

And, if you’re going to venture into the field, go appropriately armed:

Some Reflections on Confirmation

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