Spy Agencies Around The World Are Digging Into Trump’s Moscow Ties


Israel and at least one Western European country are investigating the claims made in a 35-page dossier about President-elect Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.



Why would they do that? Don’t;) they know that it been “debunked” and declared “fake news”?:wink:


Looks like Buzzfeed still has at least one enthusiastic reader. :slight_smile:




It’s going to be an interesting four years.


Seriously? Like the Enn Ess A would tell anybody anything, much less spy agencies around the world.


The Pentagon still hangs up when I call :slight_smile:


Oh boy! You can say that again.


It is what spy agencies do. If you plan to run for national office, you may want to start covering your tracks now, if possible. Ex spouses, friends, co-workers, extended family members, employers, and employees will give up a lot of information whether they know it or not. With so many people putting private information on-line now, it is almost too easy for them. Privacy is so 20th century.:shrug:


Good advice for anyone.


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