Spy agencies say Clinton emails closely matched top secret documents: sources

U.S. spy agencies have told Congress that Hillary Clinton’s home computer server contained some emails that should have been treated as “top secret” because their wording matched sections of some of the government’s most highly classified documents, four sources familiar with the agency reports said…

However, the agency reports found some emails included passages that closely tracked or mirrored communications marked “top secret,” according to the sources, who all requested anonymity. In some cases, additional classification markings meant access was supposed to be limited to small groups of specially cleared officials.

Under the law and government rules, U.S. officials and contractors may not transmit any classified information - not only documents - outside secure, government-controlled channels. Such information should not be sent even through the government's .gov email network....

Clinton’s use of a private server in her New York home for her government work is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the State Department’s and spy community’s internal watchdogs and several Republican-controlled congressional committees.

Two of the sources told Reuters that one of the reports on the emails came from the CIA. Three sources said the other report came from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), which analyzes U.S. spy satellite intelligence.


I hope she is treated like other persons per justice, no less and no more.

Every Friday its Classified Email Day - why is it always on Friday? Could it be on purpose so fewer Americans will know about it? “Its Dejavu all over again” to quote Yogi Berra.

Well, this tidbit of inside information is surfacing - it seems Hilary may have an alcohol and prescription drug problem. Her accident where she suffered a head injury (untimely because it kept her from testifying on Benghazi for several weeks) and she had a blood clot on the brain. Not good. She had to disappear from a debate for an unexplained length of time - it has been suggested she self “medicates” and that her observed behavior shows confusion over simple thought processes and actions.

When important facts are hidden its no wonder people are fooled. Its an old story - we think we have come so far? :bighanky:

I believe it is very hard on public figures to suggest that one might self medicate without any proof other than the absurdity of their public statements. I personally put it down to the level of American politics. . I would hope that any disparaging remarks about politicians are well cited. In Australia a Cardinal is being unjustly condemned by media smirks and innuendo by rabid anti catholics. Such attacks demean the attacker.
Justice is more often found in what we do not say than in what we do. Strangely, mercy is found in this identical place.

I wouldn’t count on it.

Petaro, sorry if you were offended by this latest scuttlebut - information is not forthcoming to say the least. Benghazi was 3 years ago! A lot of dirty stuff is under the rug.

After struggling through 600 of Hilary’s released Classified emails my laptop caught a virus!
Seriously! That was the talk-pit that added to many other reports of Hillary’s bad habits.

The Clintons have earned their well known reputations.

Hillary fro prison 2016 :thumbsup:

I think the DOJ and FBI are waiting to see what happens in the election, if she is elected, I doubt we will hear much more about this issue, but if she looses, they will likely pursue it more aggressively.

She will never be treated like any other criminal, as she has a position of power (higher than theirs), as president, she could make it very tough for DOJ, FBI.

You know, considering this thing with Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and such, I am surprised that she is running for President and succeeding in her candidacy so much. You would think that she wouldn’t be succeeding as well considering this scandal and others.

Too many people either don’t know or don’t care that she put the safety of the American people in jeopardy. And then there are those who will vote for her because she is a Democrat, she is pro-abortion, she is for gay marriage and the myriad of other changes to our culture that the left so prizes.

On the macro level we are getting what we deserve. On the micro level, for many of us, it is deeply painful to not be able to stop or even slow the decay.

Do not misunderstand me. I find Hillary personally abhorrent in her support for abortion; her history as Secretary of State and as a probable Democrat candidate for one of the most important roles in the Free World. However, we must, for our opinions to be respected, ensure that our factual criticisms are cited and are open to transparent consideration.
I realise that many facts are hidden from the public gaze as exampled in the email debate. I hope I did not sound too censorious or naive to the political realities of the Presidential Primaries.

I can’t believe we’re wasting our time with trivial stuff like this when they’re much more important things to discuss - like whether or not Donald Trump disavowed David Duke fast enough…

Every few weeks we get new revelations that the email scandal is worse than we thought. And every few weeks, none of her voters care at all. It truly is amazing how they simply do not care that she committed blatantly criminal acts, acts that make Nixon look like a saint in comparison.

Holy Mackerel! Its Classified E-mail MONDAY! It was always Friday - oh, its because the state department says “its the last batch”. :hmmm::takethat:

Maybe its because today is Leap Year extra February Day! And, maybe its because they have pushed the “not gonna give em up till you take em from my cold, dead body” to the end. In other words, they run out of time. :stretcher:

Please Lord, help us to be done with these people.

Another little Leap Year Monday Classified bug bites! Cheryl Mills (Hilary’s BFF) also said goodbye to the State Department 4 years ago when her Royal Highness left. BUT, unlike ordinary folk who work for the US Government, who have their Security Clearance pulled, Cheryl was allowed to keep her Top Secret access for political reasons. WHAT? Wait just a doggone minute - this rug is going in the garbage, it has way too much sludge under it!

Every few weeks we get new revelations that the email scandal is worse than we thought. And every few weeks, none of her voters care at all.

Not at all, and if she was indicted and out of the race Bernie would still be beat by who-ever was up next. :shrug:

But,don’t you know…“What difference does it make anyway!”:mad:

I picked up on “self medication” in the chatter but to be more clear - that would fall into the use of… yep, pot! A little wine, a little pot and not too much bothers you for awhile! It may be the prescription medication is a factor also … if she is placed under house arrest, will she still be able to “relax” in her favorite way This opinion of mine is just based on the old speculation theory that relies on smoke - where there is smoke, there’s fire!

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