Squabbles persist over who should be at Syria peace talks [Boston Globe]


Note, one of the opposition figures in Syria, indeed, is Christian; apparently not on the side of the Regime. George Sabra.

Squabbles persist over who should be at Syria peace talks


The sticking point is that the Russians want to add more opposition names to the negotiations — ones more to their liking, which means more supportive of the Assad government. On Monday, though, Hijab declared flatly that the council’s delegates would not attend the talks if any other set of opposition delegates was included.

George Sabra, a Christian dissident who was also named to the council’s negotiating team, told the opposition channel Orient TV that “no country or side” could interfere with Syrians’ right “to propose whoever they want to represent them, and no one has the authority to put forward any names other than the council.”

George Sabra (Arabic: جورج صبرة‎, born 11 July 1947) was elected president of the Syrian National Council, the main opposition group in Syria, in November 2012 and later was acting president of the Syrian National Coalition from 22 April[1] – 6 July 2013. Sabra is a member of the Syrian Democratic People’s Party. He is a Greek Orthodox Christian.[2]


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