Squadrons form for voter ID fight



Liberal and conservative groups are mobilizing armies of poll watchers to battle over the enforcement of voter ID laws on Election Day.

The Democratic Party has more to lose if turnout is low on Nov. 4. Liberals want to ensure that the young, black and Latino voters who form a key part of the party’s electoral base are not kept from the polls.

Conservatives insist that they just want to uphold the integrity of the electoral process by making sure that all votes cast are legitimate.


Conservatives “insist”? Shouldn’t fairness be the objective of EVERY election at every level? Stopping illegal voting should be a priority. :rolleyes:


I don’t see what the big issue is with voter ID. If we have a drivers license then an ID shouldn’t be a big issue. As long as the illegals don’t vote then I’m ok, however if they do it makes me wonder why bother being a citizen.


Here are some of the troubles of people getting their voter ID.


Maybe we should do away with ID for buying liquor, cigarettes and driving as well. South Africa and India have it. For good reasoning, no voter ID enables fraud.


On one side we have the documented cases of people who should be allowed to vote being denied the vote because of their inability to get an ID. On the other side we have the suspicion of voter impersonation with very little documentation. It seems that more legitimate voters will be denied the right to vote in the name of protecting against a far fewer number of suspected illegal votes. How do you balance these two goals? Or is it so important to make sure not one illegal person votes that you are willing to subject a greater number of legitimate voters to the denial of their right to vote in order to achieve that nebulous end?


An extremely convenient argument. No data exists on the prevalence of attempts to vote fraudulently because leftists have been so successful at halting any attempts to LOOK for it! Duh!

That’s like you arguing that you should be able to beat me on the head with a bat because I have not personally demonstrated any convincing evidence that I would suffer real injury if you were to do so. Chutzpah!


The fact is that you don’t WANT to know the truth. You don’t give a whit about the fact that the votes of good Americans are being canceled by fraud. As long as radical “progressive” Democrats win, all is right in your world. :thumbsup:


You can hypothesize that, but that does not make it so. If there is no evidence that voter impersonation is widespread, what is the justification for suspecting that it might be widespread and hidden very well?


The State of Texas was only able to find 1 person over a period of 10 years who committed in-person voter impersonation. An 81 year old woman who cast a ballot in her deceased sister’s name. No word on who she voted for but hardly outcome changing.


This is not about what I want. This is about truth.


Yes, but not everyone has a DL. Should the ability to drive be a requirement to vote?

I had to stop driving when I had a stoke eleven years ago. The doctors wisely forbade me to drive since I have brief lapses in consciousness. What has that to do with my abilility to vote?

Since I live in a voter ID Southern state I had to be taken to the county courthouse and buy and pay for an official ID card. Otherwise I would not be able to exercise my constitutionally guaranteed right to vote. Where does the Constitution say you must be able to drive before you may vote?

In this one case, I do think the Demos are correct. Voter ID when it requires the additional PURCHASE of a state issued ID is a form of the poll tax. Before that they had other ways to keep “undersirbales” from voting, First a literacy test, then only property owners allowed to vote. The came the poll tax which within my own memory prevented the poor from voting. My own parents could not vote since they couldn’t afford to pay the Poll Tax.


Almost every state offers NON-driver ID at every single driver license facility. Here in IL it’s $20 and good for 5 years.

Is that a poll tax? Hardly. ID is just one of those absolutely necessary things for life. It’s not credible to claim that people don’t have any.

I agree that there is no hard data on how much fraud is out there. But from where I stand, it appears that leftists are determined to prevent anybody from doing anything that would actually allow us to find out if there is any such fraud. If we cannot require ID, how would we know?


Requiring a voter ID would be fine if ID’s were easy for every eligible voter to get. This source says otherwise.


Ease, or lack thereof, of accomplishing any goal is very sandy foundation on which to stand.

What’s easy for one, may not be for another.

That doesn’t help define what is right or wrong with a subject.

Does citizenship matter? Should people prove who they are when voting?

If so, then an ID is logical.

If not, then the world might vote in the elections.

The risk seems obvious, the scope is what is hard to nail down.


That sounds like you agree with me.

That doesn’t help define what is right or wrong with a subject.

…not sure I know what you mean here. If you mean that whether the right to vote is easy or hard to exercise is irrelevant to right and wrong, I must disagree. The poll tax and literacy tests merely made voting harder for the “undesirables”. It did not make it impossible. So was easy of voting relevant in that discussion or not?


What about those who don’t drive? How about using the system the military uses and that is your thumbprint as ID.


How about women who were recently married or divorced and thus have mismatching paperwork since they changed their names? Name changing is still pretty common for women in the US.


How about we look to Canada that country with more minorities, more travel distance to go voting and yet they require photo ID.


I remember a time when people were worried that the anti-Christ was going to require one had to have special identifications in order to do anything, including voting or buying groceries or having a job. A universal id was right up there with black helicopters and the one world government.

Well, I’m happy to report that they may not have been as kooky as was thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

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