Sr. Briege McKenna and the gift of healing

Please talk to me about the gift of healing.

I know Sr. Briege has it - are there any more well-known/approved Catholic healers?

Does a person have to pray to receive that gift? Or is it a surprise?

Do you have to possess the gift of tongues to receive the gift of healing (the full-blown gift like Sr. Briege has).

Can lay people receive that gift?

I’m trying to learn more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and this one is intriguing me today.

Sounds like someone payed attention to the readings at Mass today… :smiley:

Yup! :smiley:

Fr. Edward McDonough had a healing ministry for many years. I believe he has passed on though. I went to a couple of his healing services when he visited our Diocese.

There was a priest at my old parish who was with us for a very short time who seemed to have a healing gift. It is a long story, which I won’t repeat, but I witnessed a man at the point of death recover after he anointed him in the hospital ICU where I worked. When I told the priest the man had recovered, he said “That Sacrament really works, you know” and then told me about times he had administered the Sacrament and the people recovered quickly. He seemed to have an unusual amount of healings after anointing people for a single priest, but I didn’t hear him claim a healing gift, just that the Sacrament “worked” and he was pretty confident about it. He was with us only a few months and then decided to join a monastary and I haven’t heard of him since. I guess God had other plans for him.

I believe the Holy Spirit gives that gift to those He chooses, and I don’t believe it is related to the gift of tongues at all. I can’t answer the questions about lay healers, I don’t know of any, but I don’t get around that much.

Sr. I am in need of healing myself, I am able to give some support to your ministry. My Grandmothers maden name was Mckenna-wonder if there is a relation there. How do we get started (with the healing)?

I am so sorry but I am the original poster and although Sister Briege has been the topic of this thread, she has not been a part of it.

You can contact her for prayers at: and you can also visit her website at

I hope this helps.

I do not have the gift of healing, but will pray for you and your intentions. When I pray the chaplet of divine mercy, I like to pray: for the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on _________________ and on the whole world. I put the name of whoever I am praying for in the blank spot.

A nun also told me that we can pray the Hail Mary in a similar way: …Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for ___________ now and at the hour of his/her death, amen.

I will pray like this for you.:gopray2:

I am so sorry but I am the original poster and although Sister Briege has been the topic of this thread, she has not been a part of it.

:confused: Do you still want to discuss Sister Briege, or have you found sufficient information since your OP? Have you read her book, “Miracles Do Happen?”

You asked back in January if there were others who have the gift of healing. Yes…Father Ralph D’Orio, at this website.

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