Sr. Carolyn Martin, lsp going to a different home

  • I received the following email from Sr. Carolyn Martin, Isp.

To all of my Dear Friends…

Two things:

· First, I would like to share with you this very brief video clip of Sr. Eva Maria, a Little Sister of the Poor reflecting on her vocation. My prayer is that it may inspire and encourage you in your own journey with Our Lord:

or here:

· Also, I have received the news in recent days that God is calling me to serve Him at a different Home of our religious community, so in a short time I will be leaving Denver for Evansville, Indiana. I just want to thank all of you who have prayed and served with us Little Sisters, prayed for us, given us the opportunity to be of help and support to you, inquired about our religious family, or shared your gifts and goodness with us in any way. I shall continue to lift you all up in prayer—especially when I am before Our Eucharistic Lord.

Until a new Little Sister assumes my duties, here is some contact information that you may refer to in case of need:

· Vocation information/discernment opportunities, vocation accompaniment: Mother Mary Thomas, (303) 433-7221.

· Young adult service programs: Ashley Loomis, volunteer coordinator: (303) 433-7221 or

Home page:

May God bless each and every one of you!

In Jesus and Mary,

Sr. Carolyn Martin, lsp

“Be aglow with the Spirit; serve the Lord!” (Rm. 12:11)


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