SRV- one of my fav guitarists

Stevie Ray Vaughan woke from a bad dream some years back. He told his band and crew members about the dream how he was at his own funeral and saw thousands of mourners. He shared how he felt “terrified, yet almost peaceful”. A day later, Aug 27 1990 he was killed in a helicopter crash leaving the last gig he played…

It doesn’t seem like 22 years ago…


I hope SRV took that time to ask for forgiveness. I hope the Lord gives me a heads-up as well!

Thanks for posting! I still remember his Farm Aid performance as if it were yesterday! May God bless Stevie and all who respond to his genius.

Yngwie isn’t too shabby either

But who cares what a drummer thinks! :slight_smile:

I dont know if has anything to do with Catholic Answers… But I love SRV… his version of little wing is awesome… I dont wanna say better than the original… but what the hay… it is better than the original to me…

Love playing SRV at the bowling alley or bar juke box (not that I hang out at either very often). I will play Texas Flood on the next juke box that I see…

Thanks, Nick


Certainly. Drummers opinions are always welcome. :slight_smile:

Yngwie has quite a different style than SRV. He has been in the (neo-classical metal) virtuoso style. Steve Via is similar with his incredible arpeggios and virtuoso style. The Niccolò Paganini of guitarists.

Stevie Ray Vaughn was more in the blues rock vein. A player who drew on feel over flash. His signature Fender Strat tone was exceptional.

As a guitarist myself, I appreciate Yngwie Malmsteen’s skill. As well as the greats of all different styles. Andrés Segovia to Chet Atkins.


I agree. The influence Hendrix had on SRV was a good thing!

IMO… SRV’s version of Little Wing is more than a tribute or homage to Jimi - it’s a prayer. When you lose yourself in the music and “offer it up” for the song, the music, the man… it’s beautiful… it’s genius… that’s why I think Chet Atkins is underrated… he offered it up for the song… George Harrison too… of course Jimi was raw genius… so was Duane Allman…

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