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Here we are, to all you really intelligent people who could not think your way out of a wet paper bag with holes in it, we are finally where we said this was going all along.

Churchs being sued because they will not perform SSA “Marriages” we said it was coming. We told you this was the goal all along. Anti clericalism in full swing.

What did the poor neglected soul say when he was told he was free to get his sodomy on with his thing and call it exactly what he liked. He said Its not good enough everybody must affirm that I made the right choice. Even if there religion has always taught that these acts are moral evils that should never be tolerated. Apparently love the sinner while hating the sin is some how bigoted now.
I want to get married in that building and I don’t care what the people who own that building think about it. “I’m still not getting what I want.” He sounds like a spoiled five year old in need of a spanking.

Unfortunately, we were right. And it only gets worse from here. In case some of you have no understanding of history. It was the church of england that caved on the whole contraception issue in the first place. It is because of the Church of England that every major protestant denomination went from being totally against contraception to proabortion on demand in some cases. This will open the flood gates from which the entire protestant world will follow almost certainly.

Its humanity who is the poorer.


Basically, anyone can file a lawsuit against anyone for anything. In a country with over 300 million people, it’d be something close to a miracle if we didn’t see this happen.

Gay couples could’ve been suing churches for the right to get married 50 years ago. If they had done so, they would’ve lost. If they do it today, they’ll still lose. And as long as the United States affirms the right of churches to have their own definition of marriage, such lawsuits will always fail.


You just said the biggest mouthful. If you had thought about that for a few more seconds you would never have written it. The US will not always affirm the rights of churches to have their own definition of marriage. As soon as SSA “marriage” becomes a legal fiction the door is wide open for lawsuits that 10 years ago would have been thrown out. Now those same lawsuits will probably win. You are about 2 maybe 3 years away from total federal derailment of all marriage laws in the US in favor of the legal fiction SSA marriage. Once that happens no other definition will be allowed to stand much less compete with the will of the judges.


Whatever federal re-definition of civil marriage is coming in the next few years (and which can’t come soon enough for me), it will have no effect on the definition that churches choose to apply. If it did, you’d see churches in states that already allow SSM losing these court battles. As it stands, we’re not even seeing these lawsuits being filed, much less won.

You are, of course, free to believe that there’s some sinister plot at work to ultimately demolish even the private exercise of religion in the United States, but frankly, anyone who believes this simply isn’t in touch with the data.


I have to admit, I agree with Down Under. After all, who would have thought that Catholic Church institutions would be required to cover so many anti-life substances and procedures?

I predict that fifty years from now, Catholic priests will no longer be state agents for marriage–people will have to get married civilly, and then in the church.


Three things:

The lawsuit is in the United Kingdom, not the United States. Last time I looked, they were two separate countries – remember that little thing called the American Revolution?

The Queen signed the law and is the head of the church as well as the head of the state. I believe there is a difference in the relationship between church and state in the UK than the US.

Maybe there is a good reason why all those bills proposed in Congress to make Christianity the national religion in the US have not passed. If Christianity WAS the national religion by law it could probably be forced to accept things against its doctrines.

Now, all together now, everyone take a deep breath…


In most European nations, that is how it is right now. You just get married in a civil ceremony to follow the state’s law, and then you follow it up (if you wish) with a wedding in the Church if you wish to participate in that Sacrament. The Church wedding alone is not enough. I do not think that, in the U.S., a church could be forced to perform a wedding.

What bothers me is the constant portrayal of the Church’s position as being discriminatory or bigotry. Of course, in one sense, that shows the weakness of the argument for gay marriage, if all that can be done is to call names. And there never is a good come-back for the argument that if two men can marry, or two women, why not three men, or why not a brother and sister.
If the rationale which is the basis of marriage—the creation of children and their upbringing by their father and mother, along with the passing down of family inheritance, both cultural and economic, to those children----then the door is open to any consenting adults who “love one another” to get married. When the conjugal rationale is thrown out, then anyone and anything is game for marriage. Yet those issues are never addressed by those who wish to redefine marriage.

While I honor the love that two people have for one another, and, to paraphrase our dear Pope, can never judge another’s sins and their heart for the Lord, we must be frank and hold firm here. Just as having children out of wedlock is wrong, pornography is wrong, promiscuity is wrong, and so on, changing the definition of marriage is wrong. We must not ever make what is wrong “right” simply because others are shouting louder.

What is so ironic is that the Catholic Church has always been in the forefront in integrating its schools, supporting the education of women, providing enormous charitable giving to all regardless of faith, and one of the greatest creators of educational institutions for the poor and disenfranchised. Bigots? No. Following the teachings of Christ? Yes, always and always.


:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:Yes, they will keep on with the protesting and sceaming but the gates of hell will not prevail, if you believe the truth.


I did not say anything about a sinister plot I pointed out rational fact. This is not a theory this is what is happening right now. And guess what many catholic adoption agencies are already shutting down because of this issue in the US and hold on many church agencies are having to choose between giving employes insurance and following there faith. This is already happening IN THE US as one other ignorant poster tried to say this only happens in other places thats a rot. As soon as the federal gov blows a big wide whole (not far off) in the state laws on marriage making them effectively mean only what the president says they should mean or invalidating them if they cannot be so contrived you will have no safe harbor for the church in america. Formal persecution with its fines and imprisonment are the logical extension of this thought process and what is in fact already going on in other nations. This is the path the Lavender Mafia has followed to push through there agenda. its in other places and it will work in the states. probably under Obama.

If the other poster thinks i was denigrating his intelligence I apologies I was nearly stating that he was not intellectually in full possession of facts that are known. That happens to everyone including myself from time to time. No offense was meant as to anyones intellectual capacity by this comment.


I love the unwarranted optimism the gates of hell will not prevail against the church not necessarily the church in the US. there was a time when Ireland saved the faith for the whole world. The was a time where most of Europe was lost to the mongols (probably more properly refereed to as Islam but that is a different post) The church in the US may become like the church in china underground and persecuted with nothing but the government figure head appointed by the state showing above ground and no authority given to the Pope (another all be it unwilling protestant sect). Get this idea out of the popular thinking that nothing bad can happen in america. because bad things are coming.


One second here, because Governments make bad laws and rules does not mean we are forced to practice them.
We have always had to obtain a civil piece of paper concerning a marriage anyway, to marry in front of the priest of the Church you belong to can never be forbidden. Not in free countries anyway!


I believe that Down Under, bad times are already here, but as Catholics the world over we believe in the fact that the gates of hell will not prevail, and no matter the mongols and the rest of it all. Our hope is in the resurection of Christ ultimately.Read the last chapter!:):thumbsup:Peace, Carlan

PS, you may think this is simple child like thinking, Aus but I sleep just fine at night and at my age part of the day too:):wink:


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