SSM supporters: What do you think of polygamy?

No baiting, this is an honest question. If you support “same sex marriage,” what are your thoughts on polygamy? Just another life style choice? Right, wrong, or something else? I’m sincerely curious.

I’d have to go with ‘something else’. I have friends who are into that lifestyle, so I’m familiar with how the ‘rules’ are supposed to work…but in all honesty, I’ve never seen a polygamous relationship work out–somebody always ends up feeling left out and getting hurt.

I dunno, maybe somewhere, out there, it’s worked and all parties were happy, I just haven’t seen or heard of it myself.

I’m not catholic .

Ever thought how you gonna hold such marriage or relationship :confused:
The consequences could be disasterous !!
But anyone who is involved in such a relationship , you can’t force them to leave such one .

I’m not against SSM , besides this something completely different !!

Salute & Cheers from a NON BELIEVER:
– Laurent LUG (.@…), july 2, 2015

So it’s not wrong, just impractical? Should it be legal?

Hi Laurent LUG, thanks for responding. How is it different? I mean, obviously, there are more people. But if a man loves two or three women, should he be permitted to marry all of them?

I was talking to somebody about this, and I think where my brain was going was, “How could it be worked out?” For example, John and Jane are married. John wants to marry Sally. Does Jane have to give legal consent, or can John just marry Sally anyway? What if Jane also wants to marry Tom? What are John and Sally’s legal rights in this? What if Sally is bisexual, and wants to be married to both John and Jane, but later decides she wants to divorce John, but still be married to Jane, but Jane still wants to be married to both John and Sally?

My brain started to melt at this point. Maybe somebody else has this worked out, but I can’t see it.

(Just for the record)
I may be do have a strange or weird look on some things :wink:

Ever thought of/about jealousy :confused:
Besides , how you gonna tell your kids what’s happening ,
and also , some people can’t hold even one woman/man :confused:
For some it’s maybe a funny pleasure , but what later on ,
suppose the one who’s a married to all the other ones dies ,
if (s)he has (no) a will , how you gonna arrange that one :confused:

And speaking for myself (maybe selfish):
I’d stick to only 1 woman , otherwise it would be TOO expensive ,
and also , i can’t hold more women , i would become nuts :eek:

Salute & Cheers from a NON BELIEVER:
– Laurent LUG (.@…), july 2, 2015

I have no qualms with polygamy so long as it’s between consenting adults.

Though it’s not for me. I wouldn’t live in polygamous relationship.

Interesting ?..

If we do it the biblical route only the men decide.
In cultures where it is still practiced today, in theory the man is not allowed to take a second wife unless the first wife agrees. But in practice the man usually does what he wants anyway.

For those who usually argue for religious freedom, how would you argue against making polygamy legal if it is a part of the belief system of a group?

They really are different issues. I don’t buy the slippery slope arguments. I’m for ssm because it involves two consenting adults and woul fit alright with the way civil marriage is handled in this country. Some religions and atheists believe in it. My church doesn’t, so it shouldn’t happen in my church (the Catholic church) unless the Holy Spirit leads the pope to say otherwise (which is doubtful.) Polygamy I don’t know, but I don’t think that it can work too well in modern society. I guess at least it’s biblical, and maybe we shouldn’t outlaw it, but I think that in some ways it is even more foolish than ssm (it’s difficult enough to keep a relationship working between two people. ) One of my good friends just “married” into a polyamorous relationship (she joined in a ceremony with another couple. ) I don’t agree with her choice, but I support her and I hope that she doesn’t get hurt nor cause hurt from such an arrangement. I didn’t go to the "wedding. "

I would say that one can’t use “it’s my religion” as an excuse to do something immoral, like offer child sacrifices. I think we have to decide what’s good for the country and what’s not, and we legislate morality based on reason, even if it conflicts with certain people’s religious beliefs.

Thankfully, Catholicism is perfectly rational and based on natural law. :wink:

If that’s the relationship that you want to truly be in and all parties involved are consenting adults, then I don’t have a problem with it.

Granted, I’m not a lawyer or lawmaker and have no idea how the laws would have to change in order to accommodate marriages of more than two people.

There’s a vast difference between child sacrifice and three people getting married.

Granted. I was using it an example of something that a person might claim was part of their religion and yet that the majority of CAF readers would agree is immoral and would not have a problem outlawing.

The arrangement might well involve children, though, correct? Does that factor in to the morality of the situation?

I honestly think that we all have free will. My beliefs are different from others and I don’t like it when others pressure me to change.
Is SSM moral? No, however, they have free will. Same with polygamy, If 15 consenting ADULTS wanna marry, go ahead, but I wanna be a fly on the wall in their therapy sessions.
And when kids come into the picture in both issues, heterosexual traditional married couples screw their kids up, so I don’t like that argument.

Why would it involve children?

There are a huge number of Obama supporters here, you’d be surprised.

Right folks, you have to remember that the sexual revolution divorced procreation from sex and children from marriage. The revisionist viewof marriage doesn’t really care if children enter the picture at all. Revisionist arriage is a plaything of consenting adults.

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