Ive been absolutely dying to go to daily latin mass and i live right by a traditional chapel its not SSPX but SSPV. is it okay to go to there mass? i really dont know anything about them.


They believe the current Pope isn’t the Pope. And the last Pope wasn’t a Pope. And the previous two Pope’s before him weren’t Popes either. They believe there is no current Pope, that Peter’s chair is now empty.

Based on that, do you think it would be a good idea?

No, stay away. They are sedevacantists.

Check out Latin Mass Times for a Latin Mass near you.

Oooo then im totally not going then ill just have to wait for my diocese to get a daily mass

I thought they already have their own Pope?

Do they have their own Pope? If they believe the Chair is vacant, that means no Pope, I thought.

Yes, they believe that the chair was vacated by the heresy of modernism (the Pope vacates the chair if he commits heresy). But I read somewhere that some sedevacantists actually have elected their new Pope recently. Not sure if it is the SSPV or some other faction.

Anyway, not like any of them are legit.

Remember that sedevacantism is a banned topic on CAF.

thanks you beat me to it :thumbsup:

No, that’s some other fringe group of “Catholics” that elected “Pope Michael”.

My advice is to stay away from any group that is not in full communion with Rome, including those with “irregular status”. Pray they realize the error of disobedience and come fully back into the fold!

Attending their masses doesn’t even fulfill the sunday obligation. Only SSPX Masses do I believe (and of course regular Masses).

Question answered.


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