SSPX and Cohabitation

How does SSPX treat people who cohabitate?

What exactly does this question mean??? :confused:

What is SSPX??? :confused:

Why not ask the priest at your local SSPX parish?

I don’t have any first hand experience with having to confess this but but I’d expect to be told not to present myself for communion until I had moved out and committed myself to chastity, been to confession and done penance.

Society of St Pius X

What is that? Is that the Latin Masses???

Do they believe that the Holy See is vacant???

(Wow, there is a lot I don’t know!!!) :o

Don’t worry. You’ll learn. :slight_smile:

Here is a recent thread that talks about the SSPX, Latin mass etc.

You will get a lot of answers.

In 1988 retired Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre consecrated 4 bishops against the will of Bl JPII. All 5 bishops were then excommunicated. The SSPX see the vernacular Mass as a mistake, and also see many post VII teachings as in error. H.H. BXVI is trying to get them reconciled, and he has lifted the excommunications of the 4 bishops. The SSPX are not in schism, but the clergy are currently suspended. They pray the old traditional Latin Mass.

Please read this letter by H.H. BXVI on the matter. Right before the lifting of the excommunications, SSPX Bishop Williamson questioned the accuracy of accounts of the Holocaust and the lifting of the excommunications created quite a stir.

Here is the letter… you can at least see a bit of how our pope feels about the SSPX. He himself was saddened by the reaction of some of his own bishops.

I would think that any traditional Catholic group, no matter how much out of line they might be on some issues, would be in line with Church teaching when it comes to any sins of the flesh. I would think that the more liberal Catholic groups would be the ones who would be more likely to be out of line with Church teaching in this area.

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What if you didn’t present yourself for communion and were committed to continence and modesty, but didn’t move out either? Would they eventunally ask you to quit coming?

There is a sort of dispensation by the Church that allows for two people to live as brother and sister. I think the rules are no shared bedroom, and you don’t eat at the same table. I may be mistaken on the specifics.

At any rate, I saw a thread on a trad forum which discussed this, and a few SSPX laity said the SSPX clergy would honor the dispensation as long as it did not cause scandal.

Only way to be sure is write the SSPX.

How should I know? As far I know, there aren’t any SSPX priests posting on Catholic Answers. Which is why I suggested up thread to ask the priest at the chapel.

I don’t think they would ask you to quit coming, no.

However, if it were to become public knowledge (that is, commonly known among the faithful regularly in attendance at that chapel) that you are living scandalously (whether or not you have sinned against the 6th commandment) then they probably would refuse to give you Holy Communion.

As long as it was not public knowledge, then they would not refuse Holy Communion.

If we can assume that the situation does not involve mortal sin (although the situation you described could be considered a sin in that you do not flee a near occasion of sin), and we assume that it is not easily possible for the other faithful who attend the chapel or for the priests of the chapel to know about your living arrangements, then you have no obligation to tell anyone about it and none would be the wiser.

However, you had better be very sure that you are not sinning, because although you may be able to deceive others and even deceive yourself, you cannot deceive God.

I would recommend that you end this living arrangement as soon as possible because, even if you are not currently sinning against the 6th commandment, you are putting yourself in a near occasion of sin. To do so without reason is itself a sin.

I know about the brother and sister thing and no shared bedroom, but I don’t get the no eating at the same table??

What do you think? If the Sacrament of Marriage was established to join a couple for ever and ever, the short answer to co-habitation by an adult man and adult woman would be NO.

I don’t either, but I think that’s part of it.

What if there are financial reasons?

Sorry…my original answer was based on a different meaning of cohabitation than was intended. But really it seems like you should have been specific about the commitment to chastity. Strictly speaking, all families cohabitate, but the normal use of the word nowadays is usually restricted to unmarried people who have a lifestyle that violates Catholic moral teaching.

Well I wrote “as soon as possible” right?

I can see that financial reasons might make it impossible to move out today. However it surely would be possible to starting looking for two new roommates today.

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