Sspx and oils.

Where do the sspx get their holy oils from? Is it from one of their own bishops or do they receive their oils from the regular bishop that they live under who is not sspx?

Their own local SSPX bishop.

One of their own bishops.

How does this work? Aren’t the bishops pretty widespread geographically and aren’t the oils distributed only on Wednesday of Holy Week. Do each of the chapels send representatives to where the bishop is?


With the SSPX being Traditionalist they do it on Thursday or Tuesday (one of the 2) Also since the SSPX is irregular status they have there own bishop not like our (I hate this terms but gonna have to use it) Novus Ordo bishop.

Right, but if one bishop is Nebraska what do those SSPX chapels in Florida or Ohio do to get their oils? It seems pretty far to go not to mention the expense.

They do it at the seminary on Holy Thursday. The oils are made for the entire US District. The seminarians all go home the day after Easter and arrangements are made to carry the oils throughout the US. It actually all works out although some may have to use the previous years oils for a bit longer until the new oils can get to each chapel.

Ahh…that answers the question. Thank you.


It would be more correct to say “Diocesan Bishop”. No such thing as a "Novus Ordo " Bishop. The term “Novus Ordo” does not describe people.

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