SSPX and Women

I’ve heard from various online groups and websites that some SSPX priests tell their parishioners that it is a sin for women to wear pants (even those designed specifically for females) or drive cars (I’m know that Catholic women must have held driver’s licenses prior to Vatican II, so I don’t know where that comes from). I’ve also heard that nun at SSPX affliated schools tell girls that it is a sin to wear lace underwear. Is there any truth to these claims? If so, what is their rationale?

I not here to protect SSPX but I have a few points to make. Driving a car for a woman can be a necessity as it can be for a man. I doubt that even SSPX would be against it, but if it is that way I would like to know the reasoning. Women wearing pants might be wearing clothes that are not modest (form fitting pants that are designed to bring attention to a woman’s butt). In today’s society lace underwear is clearly designed to be seen and to arouse the sexual attention of men. Why should school girls do that? How many mature catholic women would show their sexy underwear to a man that is not their spouse? Today’s lace underwear is designed to promote lust. Is lust a sin?

I attended an SSPX chapel for a few weeks this past summer and heard none of this. I will also add that I do not think I saw women wear anything but dresess, but I may be mistaken.

Also, I am pretty sure I would have been arrested if I tried to see what type of undergarment the girls had on. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I do not think this is a widespread teaching, but that is not to say there are not some individuals out there who feel this way. I encounted a priest from the Insititute of Christ the King who did teach the thing about women not wearning pants. (So how does a woman go skiing? :rolleyes: )

I want to clarify that I’m not trying to badmouth the SSPX or anyone who may attend their chapels. I just want to know how prevelent this kind of thinking is, since I’ve heard these kinds of rumors for awhile.

Maybe he is of the school that believes that women should not do any kind of physical exercise, or do any kind of sports.

A good article on about modesty and women’s dress:

Which brings us to the controversy of controversies: women and pants

Because pants are historically, in the West, a male article of clothing, you will find that some traditional Catholic women in the West never wear pants, or only wear them when working in the yard, riding horses, skiing, or some such. Given the History of Western dress, many men tend to treat women with more deference when women dress in a way considered feminine in a given culture.

On the other hand with regard to pants, it is a fact that pants-wearing for women has been an accepted practice for some years in the West, and that some modern pants are cut in such a way as to not cling too closely, etc… It is to each woman to prayerfully discern how to dress, and when and where. And it is to others to refrain from harsh judgments against those who might have come to different conclusions (or who simply can’t find or afford a wardrobe they themselves think would be more fitting). It’s very unwise to make the shunning of pants the sine qua non of orthodoxy.

Maybe you shouldn’t speak that way about a Priest without him knowing of it. You cannot say the Priest thinks in that way - you have no idea of his views.

I do not know if he felt that way. I generally hesitate to criticize priests except for something very specific. I certainly do not think a life physical passivity is a good way to either prepare for childbirth or to have the good health to serve the Lord!

That’s why I said “Maybe.”

I had an interesting experience last spring of a 50 year old priest who had never seen a woman give a lecture before; at the end of it, he said, “Gee, she’s as good as a priest!”

What was amazing to me was that up until that moment, he’d had no idea that women could do public speaking.

My wife is SSPX and regularly drives her priest to / from the airport.
So, to answer your questions…um where’s the BS icon when u need?

The “no slacks” on women general rule among hardcore traditionalists to me smacks of Phariseeism.
They will often ask, Can you imagine the Virgin Mary in a
pantsuit? And I of course say, of course not, no more than I can imagine Jesus Christ in a top hat and a tux. Jesus wore a robe/gown over an undergarment. There is a smartaleck anticatholic who rides my bus in the mornings who mocks Catholics by shouting, “you confess your sins
to men in DRESSES !!”. Well, those aren’t dresses, they are ceremonial robes. In the same way, a pantsuit on a woman is not men’s clothing. The SSPX generally forbids women to wear pants to Church and insists on a headcovering for women while in Church. So do the sedevacantist chapels.
The no pants on women rule is, to me, making way too much out of way too little.

Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4)

no, its not a sin for us to drive! i have never heard that from our SSPX priest. women are encouraged to dress modestly.

Skiing? I recall a picture of a nun in full habit skiing in the Bavarian Alps many years ago. And I personally saw nuns with skis on their shoulders at the railroad station, but can’t attest as to whether the actually took to the slopes in their habits.
Maybe we could ask B16, he used to be Cardinal-Archbishop of Munich.

Pope John Paul II was a skier! :thumbsup:

No one, and by that I mean no one, sees my grunders, lace or other wise. I think the above statement is an over-generalization. I think today’s lace underwear is designed to be pretty.

But then again I’m not mature so what do I know.

Pope John Paul II was a skier!

Yes, and I think that drove some of the ultra-trads crazy, because he didn’t ski in a cassock. Or my favorite, when they complained that he went on a camping trip and wore shorts!

i believe we are not to use the term rad trad or ultra trad here on CAF. Read Jo Benedicts post ( she is the mod of this forum ) about the rules here. please refrain from using that term.

Well, here is a woman wearing a skirt to ride in a barrel traveling over waterfalls.

Early pioneer women did very difficult work in long dresses, heavy petticoats and corsets.

I’m not saying that women should go back to this type of clothing but our foremothers did a lot of things in such attire.


correction, we are allowed to use the terma rad trad and ultra trad so long as it is respectful. i stand corrected!

You’re supposed to use the angelqueen one. :wink:

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