SSPX Asks for Removal of Excommunications

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I.Media: SSPX asks for removal of excommunications **

Agence France-Presse (AFP) publishes today the information that the Rome-based French religious news agency I.MEDIA reports that the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX) has asked the Holy See to lift the excommunications:

The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X has asked the Vatican to lift the excommunications pronounced against it, an Integrist sic] organization, to display its will to dialogue, according to religious news agency I.Media.

The excommunications will be lifted when the excommunicated confess and repent.
The desired resolution is to be found in the actions of those who have committed the sin.

Are we supposed to take this seriously?

If the excommunications are lifted prior to the SSPX reunion with Rome, what incentive would there be to return?

Rome will likely refuse, and the SSPX will then be able to proceed with their self-proclaimed martyrdom.

Let’s tone down the righteousness, shall we?

After all the situation is more complex than that. Let’s do Rome and the SSPX a favour by not presuming anything while offering up our prayers at the altar of our Lord.

My reference is the spirit of charity resting on law and tradition.

Sorry if it offends you. (Can’t see how it would, but… .)

Apparently something was said (a response maybe) by Rome that gave the SSPX some hope that this is possible.

I think this is good news.

Normally yes - but the Holy Father could decide what conditions to lift the excommunication. He may fell merciful and lift them.

I think his original “five conditions” were quite merciful, actually…

This is how I understood it:

The SSPX accepts the five conditions put forward to them by the pope, and returns to full communion. THEN the excommunications would be lifted. So far as I’ve read, the lifting of the excommunications would not come before acceptance of the conditions.

I agree. I was very disappointed when it was reported that Bishop Fellay rejected those conditions.

I have no doubt that the Holy Father is merciful and feels merciful.

I have grave doubt that the excommunications will ever be overturned.

agreed… and the SSPX seems to have agreed to #3 by asking B16 for the removal… thus acknowledging his authority:p .

So perhaps they will accept his answer too. (not likely)

Put it in your diaries…on this date, MrS and I agreed! :extrahappy: :smiley:

Amazing… you must have listened to Ethel for a change:p :smiley:

Lets just keep praying for unity and that they (SSPX) will respond to the Holy Spirit and return to Communion with Holy Mother Church.
Prayers & Blessings
Deacon Ed B

I don’t think that the SSPX would ask for the lifting of the excommunications if they didn’t have some reason to believe that they would get a positive response.

I’m more hopeful than most here.

Pope catharina has spoken.

Actually, we’re waiting for THE Pope to speak. :thumbsup:

And, until HE speaks, the excommunications stand.


That was uncalled for.

the word might be popette if need be.

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