SSPX book by Brian O'Neel

In a past article in This Rock Magazine, (April 2004, I think). Brian O'Neel wrote an article about the SSPX called "Holier Than Thou". At the end of the article it said Mr. O'Neel was writing a book about the SSPX. Did this book ever come out? I'd like to read it.

A brief Google search turned up nothing. Apparently Brian O’Neel has edited more books than he has written.

The closest thing I saw was a book called The Signs of the Times, edited by O’Neel, which deals with the changes after Vatican II.

If you’re specifically interested in books about the SSPX, Peter Madrid’s More Catholic than the Pope is pretty good.

dizzy_dave and Anne1964, greetings. Anne, you’re correct: I never published my work on the SSPX. The research is there, just as it’s there for a book on the churches of Rome that I’ve worked on for almost 10 years. However, as you might imagine, the interest in either topic is, shall we say, niche. However, I have written two books, both on the saints, “39 New Saints You Should Know” and “Saint Who? 39 Holy Unknowns.” And, yes, I also wrote the Foreword to Signs of the Times: Understanding the Church since Vatican II. That book addresses the Lefebrvite schism to a small degree. It’s greatest function, however (and I get no royalties or any benefit other than satisfaction over the sale of this book), is that it gives you a really, really clear understanding of why the Church has experienced such upheavel and confusion over the past 50 years. I would agree with Anne that Patrick Madrid and Peter Vere’s book is good. So is The Pope, the Council, and the Mass by James Likoudis and Kenneth Whitehead. I highly recommend it. Both are fascinating, as is Frank Sheed’s Is It the Same Church? May God bless and keep you both in this Advent season and give you a grace-filled Christmas and New Year.

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