SSPX - "Building a Home Worthy of The Immaculata"

I stumbled across this 20 minute film and documentary about St Mary’s a historical catholic church and former Jesuit seminary and community. The SSPX talks about building a very large church dedicated to Our Lady that has a price tag of 30 million dollars with 15 million currently raised. The Church will seet 1500 people in a community of thousands of Catholics. Now normally I try to avoid talks or debates regarding the SSPX and their history and stance in the Church and I know the very name of the Society can bring some pitchforks and megaphones :yum: BUT I think this is a documentary all of us can be inspired and in Awe by. The Plans and ground work for the architecture are beautiful. Hope you guys can enjoy this


It’s a beautiful project. I have donated to them.


Maybe they could commission music too.

Wow, that should be amazing when it’s done.

I have to give the SSPX multimedia department credit: I always find their videos extremely well done (especially the choice of background music).


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