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Is anyone here familiar with the Dominican Third Order associated with the Society of Saint Pius X? What is their standing within the Dominican Order as a whole? Relationship with the Master of the Order and other Third Order chapters?

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This is an offshoot from the “Dominicans” from Avrille, France, who were once closely allied with the SSPX, but have since drifted away from them because, apparently, the SSPX were too cozy with Rome for the taste of these “Dominicans.”

This offshoot is, under some incredibly strained understanding of canon law, somehow “recognized” by the SSPX, and given “authority” by them. (This is another apparent example of the SSPX claiming authority and jurisdiction for itself which is rightly reserved to Rome.)

The actual Order of Preachers has nothing to do with these folks.

I know that many Dominicans have drifted in recent decades, some being more interested in social justice than anything else, perhaps. But there’s lots of wonderful, orthodox, and even tradition-minded Dominican and Dominican-run parishes. Don’t play games with the SSPX just to get some good old OP flavor to your spirituality. It ain’t worth it.

Peace…From what I have read, there are also Franciscan Tertiaries within SSPX and I think their leadership is in France. You would have to go to their websites to find out more about their beginnings and contacts. angeltime

Liam’s post covers the question. I would add that Dominicans and Franciscans require that “third orders” be related to the First and Second order communities. Genuine third orders are not free floating, they have chaplains who belong to the Franciscans or Dominicans, who must be under superiors who are themselves under the international general or superior; all in union with the pope.

None of the applies to SSPX. If you read their website it does quote selectively from canon law, though not the current code. But citing canon law does not mean your operation is under canon law.

Pax et Bonum! the SSPX Tertiary Franciscans in Canada, are under a Franciscan Capuchin Friar who lives in France. The fact that SSPX itself is not accepted fully by the Church, would keep me away. (although I remember an announcement by the Pope at the beginning of the Year of Mercy - that SSPX priests were allowed to hear confessions during the Year of Mercy??) For Tertiaries, best to inquire through the Dominican Order or Franciscan Order that oversee them to arrive at the authentic roots and Rule of Life.

Thank you all for your input!

The announcement by the Pope was for the benefit of those laity who attend SSPX chapels, which in turn was a subtle comment on the position of the Church - that the SSPX priests did not have the power to hear confessions. Some attempted to turn it into some sort of recognition of the SSPX.

Pax et Bonum! Yes, it does seem that what wasn’t acceptable in the past, is now being more considered…angeltime[BIBLEDRB][/BIBLEDRB]

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