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I know SSPX is schismatic and attending does NOT fulfill Sunday obligation.

Where I live there is a FSSP AND SSPX within 2 miles of each other! I attend daily and Sunday FSSP.

Now often my schedule precludes this but I still want to attend daily TLM Mass.

In such a case would attending the SSPX be legitimate if I can not get to the FSSP Mass? Let’s not even consider Sunday Mass…just weekday Mass.

I assume I could go for the Liturgy but could/should I receive the Eucharist?

The reason I ask is I am very much attuned to the pre 1962 Mass and liturgy, even learning to pray the Roman Breviary. So I am on a different calendar than the NO parch Masses.

I assume this is all a resounding NO! but it gives me options to remain on the same calendar if something comes up. I am very much in love with the FSSP and the associated parish and consider that my home so I’m not looking as a TLM critic.



It amazes me how many people jump on the ‘SSPX=Schismatic’ bandwagon.

Validly ordained priests…check
Matter, Form, Intent…check
Pope Francis is the Pope…check

“Excommunications” lifted…check
SSPX started with full Vatican approval…check
SSPX HAS NOT CHANGED since then…check
SSPX teaches everything the Church has taught throughout the ages…check

…but somehow, they are the enemy…?..Whatever…

You are fine to assist at SSPX Masses, but not in a ‘spirit of rebellion’. Going to a NO mass is ‘preferrable’ unless it is damaging TO YOUR FAITH.


Please explain this from 2009:…munica_en.html

“Until the doctrinal questions are clarified, the Society has no canonical status in the Church, and its ministers - even though they have been freed of the ecclesiastical penalty - do not legitimately exercise any ministry in the Church.”



That means that SSPX Masses are ‘valid’ but illicit’. So if you go without a ‘spirit of rebellion’ then you are fine.

Plenty of NO masses are also ‘valid but illicit’.

Seems like mutually exclusive terms…

Illicit=“forbidden by law, rules, or custom”
Valid= legally binding due to having been executed in compliance with the law.

To me this means SSPX follows the proper form but is not recognized….maybe

I see it as like being a member of a football team that plays and follows the NFL rules but is not part of the NFL and hence has no claim on records post season etc… once again with the maybe disclaimer.

Still not sure about any of this…


Second time today!

There is no such thing as a NO Mass. :frowning:

The Mass is either Ordinary or Extraordinary.

Well, how about looking at it as if one is attending an Orthodox Divine Liturgy…

Go, but don’t receive.


In no way shape or form to I consider the SSPX the enemy and nothing would make me more happy to all traces of this controversy be resolved.


They have no ministry in the Catholic Church. I understand attraction to a form of the Mass, but weigh such externals with obedience and authority and to what you think best. Let me ask you this, if a priest was suspended and holding Mass in his home, would you think that appropriate?

This is a tricky topic, and has been discussed previously, although no consensus had been reached, as far as I know. Also, it really depends on whom you ask. Different priests and bishops will give you different answers. That being said, the fact that there is an FSSP parish right next to the SSPX parish should tell you the position of the local bishop on the Society. Usually, the FSSP parish is put there to “offset” and counterbalance the SSPX.

I personally would attend a Society daily Mass, but would err on the side of caution and attend a non-SSPX Sunday Mass, e.g. the FSSP or the Institute. That being said, the SSPX Mass is a valid Mass, though illicit. SSPX priests are Catholic priests, but suspended. Furthermore, the SSPX are not considered schismatic, but in an irregular state. There’s actually quite a bit of communication and collaboration between the SSPX and non-SSPX priests. The SSPX also encourages its members to go to non-SSPX Latin Masses, if no SSPX parish exists in the area.

Hope this helps!

I know SSPX is schismatic and attending does NOT fulfill Sunday obligation.

  1. the SSPX is not in schism. They are in an irregular status.
  2. Why do you think it does not fulfill the Sunday obligation? It would appear that it does.
    It is a Catholic Mass in a form permitted by the Church.

Then things get tricky. Personally since you are so blessed to have TLMs all over the place! I am jealous. And while it would appear that one may attend an SSPX Mass as long as it is without motivations of schism and for love of the TLM that is not available elsewhere, I think the consensus is it is better to let it be. FSSP is the way to go at this point. I am not sure but I don’t think forum rules even allow someone to encourage attendance at an SSPX chapel.

You CANNOT however confess at an SSPX chapel… Or get married there…
One needs the permission of a local bishop for that.

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