SSPX mass OK?

Now that the ex-communications have been lifted, can a catholic attend a SSPX church? Can you receive the Sacraments there? (get confirmed, married, convert)

Yes, it is ok to receive the sacraments from a priest who is with SSPX. The bishops that were excommunicated were made bishops before Archbishop Lefeve (I always spell his name wrong) was excommunicated. So they were validly ordained by a valid bishop. They were able to validly ordain priests so the priests were able to validly give the sacraments. The argument is still out whether the excommunication was valid since the purpose of what Archbishop Lefeve wanted was to preserve the traditional mass and the teachings of the church before Vatican 2 took hold. Most people who are or have been excommunicated went completely against the chuch’s teachings. LeFeve just went against his peers and the pope with the changes being proposed and made by Vatican 2.

While the SSPX would disagree. Since the SSPX (even with excommunications lifted) does not have jurisdiction, and established their chapels without proper canonical permission, they still do not have permission to function licitly. We should however pray for a quick and full resolution to the unhappy situation.

My understanding is …NO! They are still a heretical group…not accepting Vatican II and still have bishops who have not approved by the Pope…still ordaining priests. They can only be used for liturgical worship or minsters of the sacraments…in an emergency (life threatening or no Catholic Priest or Catholic Church available – having them around the corner and a Catholic Chruch with Liturgical worship 45-60 minutes away…is not an emergency…inconvenience, yes, but not an emergency…you must drive to the Catholic Church).

FYI…the Archbishop of Baltimore (Edwin O’Brien) has banned the the Legionnaires of Christ (LOC) Order…and the Archbishop of Miami (John C. Favalora ) has them under very tight control…and the LOC are an order in full communion with the Pope and the Magisterium of the Church!

My understanding…
Pax Christi

Still confused…Anyone else?

The Mass is valid. There are many situations that would make it acceptable to attend Mass there. As to Confession, here is a link that explains the difficulty in this Sacrament.

Priests are valid but considered “in suspension.” That means their confessions are invalid (unless you don’t know better), Matrimony and annulments also invalid. Masses and communion are valid and count for Sunday but don’t get too involved. Rome isn’t happy with the SSPX’s Vatican II position so be discrete.

Certainly better to stay away from them, if possible.

  1. One can attend their Masses provided it is out of love for Tradition and the TLM, and not with the intent of schism

  2. One may receive Eucharist at their Masses - valid

  3. Confession relies on jurisdiction. The SSPX doesn’t have ordinary jurisidiction so first glance would be invalid. However, they operate under supplied jurisdiciton, which if you accept / believe that would make their sacraments valid.

Heretical? Please define the heresies they hold.

They accept VII as a valid Council. Lets not forget that VII was unique in that it was pastoral, not dogmatic, in nature.

Evidence points otherwise that it is accpetable to attend their Mases. Approval by Church officals to attend at SSPX Chapels + approval by Church officials for public Masses at diocesan churches, such as St. Peters and Lourdes

Well a lot of them believe in salvation outside the Church.

I think the charge of heresy is too easily made. The Church has never charge the group with heresy, so neither should we. Yes, they are not in agreement with many within the Church on some doctrines, but there are many areas where some lattitude of disagreement is acceptable. For example, while the Church may say that we trust in God’s mercy for those who are members outside of the visible Church, there exists a broad range of allowed opinion as to the fate of those who are not Catholic through no fault of their own, adults and infants.

On the other hand, some of the SSPX supporters and members, though not the society itself, is often too quick to level the charge of heresy against others for lack of agreement on areas not defined as dogma, or where some lattitude is allowable.

I posted this already in the thread on Traditional Catholic cities, but this seems to be the more appropriate place. Unfortunately, this is a topic where it is difficult to get a straight answer. The exchange is, basically, like this:

Q: What’s the status of the SSPX?

A: Their Bishops and clergy are suspended a divinis.

Q: What’s that mean?

A: They have no canonical status.

Q: What’s that mean?

A: None of your business. The issue of the SSPX clergy is an internal matter.

Q: So, are their Sacraments valid?

A: Yes, but illicit.

Q: So, does an SSPX Mass fulfill my Sunday obligation?

A: Well … ummm … wringing of hands … errr … we’d rather you didn’t go.

Q: So, it’s a sin for me to go, then?

A: No … It’s not a sin… more wringing of hands As long as your’e only going because you prefer the Latin Mass, and not out of schism.

Q: So, it’s O.K. for me to attend an SSPX Mass, then?

A: No… even more wringing of hands… Uhhh… It’s still illicit… we’d rather you didn’t go.

Q: So, what’s the status of SSPX Masses?

A: Valid, but illicit.

Q: What’s that MEAN then?

A: None of your business. It’s an internal matter.

Q: ARGHHH! runs away in frustration

Type in “Fr. John Rizzo”, and read some of what comes up…

a Catholic ordinarily receives sacraments from his own pastor, and that pastor is the head of the territorial or juridicial parish to which that Catholic belongs. Since SSPX have no parishes designated by the Church, they have no members or communicants. It would be licit to receive communion or confess to such a priest or in such a parish only under the same conditions as govern the Orthodox churches, who are also in schism, namely, if the Catholic had no recourse to a Catholic priest. The schism has not ended, the Pope has made a generous pastoral outreach to end the situation, and it remains for those still separated to respond in humility.

If you attend their Mass for your love for the TLM and not in support of schism, then it is perfectfly fine…don’t listen to anyone that tells you it is sinful. I am hoping and praying for the day this entire matter is resolved and they are brought fully back into the Church…then we shoud go after those that are really damaging the faith, such as rogue priest and Bishops ordaining women, etc.

Thanks for all the posts!

to respond to the previous post regarding confession, the validity of the mass has nothing to do with the validity of confession, the validity of confession lies on the priest hearing the confession. An ordained priest has the abiltiy to hear and absolve sins that have been confessed.

He has validity to do this only in an emergency. Under normal circumstances, a priest must have faculties from the local ordinary to grant absolution. If there is a lack of faculties, the absolution does not exist, anymore the Sacrament of Holy Orders can apply to women, or corn bread be consecrated.


Can. 966 §1 For the valid absolution of sins, it is required that, in addition to the power of order, the minister has the faculty to exercise that power in respect of the faithful to whom he gives absolution.

Can. 968 §1 By virtue of his office, for each within the limits of his jurisdiction, the faculty to hear confessions belongs to the local Ordinary, to the canon penitentiary, to the parish priest, and to those others who are in the place of the parish priest.
****** Holy orders alone does not grant a valid confession.

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