SSPX - Missions - Update

I apologize for bringing up this topic agian. However - I have some information that might shed some light on what happenned.

It seems to me that the issues we had were due to two primary reasons - 1) the locking of the doors and 2) stating that they were expecting a group that “was not Catholic”.

We were discussing this today after Mass, and somebody told me that one of the rangers stated that they were expecting protesters. If my memory serves me correctly, about a couple of weeks before the pilgrimage - their were some Native American protesters in front of San Fernando Cathedral, protesting something about a burial ground (I do not know the details). In the past - some of the Missions have experienced some of the protesters as well. In fact - a few years ago, I think it was at Mission Espada - a group of Native Americans wanted to do some sort of tribal dance at the mission - and they were chased away by the brother who was at the mission (again - I have no details about the incident). There were time in the past when we were initially mistaken for protesters, probably due to our numbers - but once seeing our banners realized we were not there to protest.

That would explaing the “not Catholic” comment - and also explain why we were not experiencing any difficulty at the other missions.

I hope this is of some use to some of you. Again - I apologize for bringing this up again.

Thankyou for the update.

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