SSPX question

If I have a religious item, in this case,a green scapular with a Miraculous Medal, blessed by a priest who is a member of the SSPX and works in a SSPX parish, is it considered blessed? I know the society and Rome are not in full communion, just curious if I need to have them reblessed before I use/give them away.

No, I believe it would still be blessed. Heck, I think you could even go to an Orthodox priest to have your sacramentals blessed.

The SSPX do not have falcuties to preform the Sacrament of Penance (except in emergencies) and the Sacrament of Marriage. They can still celebrate the Mass since they don’t need the falcuties from the diocesan bishop to preform that Sacrament. I have never heard of needing falcuties to bless sacramentals. :slight_smile:

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