SSPX Valid

Are the SSPX masses valid?

What does it take for them to reconcile with Rome?


Masses: Valid, but illicit. You can attend guilt free if you want to attend the EF and there is no diocesan EF around.

Baptisms: Valid.

Holy Orders: Valid, but illicit. As soon as one is ordained a priest in the SSPX they are auto-suspended and have zero faculties in the universal Church.

Confessions: Invalid, unless you’re about to die. Priests need faculties to hear valid confessions, and as stated above the SSPX have had their faculties universally removed.

Marriages: Invalid. Same as confessions, faculties required.

Anointing of the Sick/Last Rites: If someone is about to die, valid. Otherwise, not valid.

Question answered.


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