SSPX vs Indult Mass

In Cincinnati, there are two parishes that offer an indult TLM within a 10 minute drive of an SSPX parish. With the questions about schism , etc about SSPX ,why attend ther when indult is so close?


The problem is that, if the indult masses were set up to provide competiton and draw people away from SSPX, then they might cease when the SSPX parish closes for lack of numbers.

This is why we mustn’t play politics with the Church’s internal adminstration. It leads to all sorts of unanswerable questions like that.

In the case in Cincinnati the indult mass is approximately the same age as the SSPX parish. I am not sure about the age of the Mass in Covington. Also some of the SSPX parishioners travel great distance to attend, 100+ miles according to article they put out.


The problem is that, if the indult masses were set up to provide competiton and draw people away from SSPX, then they might cease when the SSPX parish closes for lack of numbers.

Why would this be a problem? If the point is to have the Tridentine Mass then why wouldn’t the SSPX be happy? They should be unless, of course, this isn’t their ultimate goal.

3 parishes that offer the Traditional Mass with in a 10 minute drive… What a Blessing!!

I know of many a N.O. Parishes that are in 10 minutes of each other … what is the difference?

How many times do I have to say it…it’s VAT II & the “reforms thereafter”…The indult was never the single issue, else why would there be any SSPX membership after 1988? Why would B16 be “negotiating” with Bp Fellay…over what…a universal TLM ??? Not at all. It’s about VAT II…period.
SSPX sees VAT II and the entire aftermath as an overthrow of perennial Traditional beliefs… as Bp. Lefebvre said…it’s ANOTHER religion…

Easy T, it was rhetorical. That said, the perennial Traditional beliefs are not being overthrown at my parish where the TLM is celebrated.

Unfortunately your assessment of the SSPX’s thoughts are the reason I fear that many of them will never reunite. :frowning:

Some are more moderate, and would soon after this Motu Proprio is signed, and things are organised. But there is definitely a more extreme semi-sedevacantist section who would never do so.

I got this from an SSPX website, giving their opinion/position on Vatican II (presumably personal opinion, not society policy):

Let me give you a picture of Rome’s strategy. Rome is saying to us, “Listen, the Council and the New Mass are a soup. You say it is a bad soup, but it is a soup! Just say it is a soup and all will be fine.” And I say, “Well, we know that it is a soup, but it is a poisonous soup, so we don’t care about the soup. What we care about is the poison. And because of the poison, we are not going to drink it. If we say soup today, tomorrow you will say, ‘Drink your soup; you agreed it was a soup. Now you have to drink it!’ And so I am not going to say it is a soup even if it is one because now it is a poison.” You get the picture?


Cincinnati and Covington are seperate dioceses and their indult masses are just a few miles from each other


Lefebvre’s other name was Judas!!!

Nice… why not just call his mama fat and ugly while you’re at it?

This is very true. The SSPX issues run much, much deeper than the Mass. They are similar to Old Catholics or the Oriental Orthodox who erroneously thought certain Councils ushered in a new religion. They’re very unwavering, fundamentalist cling to their limited and skewed view of Tradition is similar also to that of the Eastern Orthodox–which is why I see full reununion between any of these groups as a very long shot.

Based on what I have read about their (SSPX) views on the matters like the New Mass and ecumenism, they actually make very valid arguments which better adhere to Tradition than what I have read about VII which contained no new dogma. So what exactly is limited and skewed? I also observe that they ostensibly pray in their masses for the Holy Father whereas the Eastern Ortho nationalist churches don’t, a major difference. SSPX will reconcile way before the Ortho churches because they are believers in the Pope.

Dominus tecum.

I went to the one in Cincinnati when I was on vacation. The priest’s homily was the most orthodox and Catholic homily I have heard in a long time. I must say, it was really beautiful. Just on a side note…there are many beautiful churches in Cincinnati and Covington but many of them had drum sets which immediately detracted from their beauty.:frowning:

Is their a website that tells all of the approved Traditional Masses? I want to avoid any unapproved liturgies.

Try this site, I think it has what you are looking for.

Listing of Latin Mass Churches
and Communities
in the USA and Canada

Many, not all, indults, share their churches with the Novus Ordo. Some of these even have second-class status, such as poor Mass times or get the crypt chapel as does one of the indults in Chicago.

It is not exactly ceteris paribus when it comes to SSPX vs indult.

Off-topic but I just wanted to comment.

There is one parishoner who travels two states away once a month to attend our FSSP parish.

Such faith and love of Tradition.

Puts a tear in my eye. :smiley:

I know some ‘orthodox’ Catholics would call that an ‘inordinate attraction’ to the TLM…


You could call up your diocese’s offices and ask where the Mass is offered. Oftentimes if there is not an Indult Mass, on some occasions the old rite will be used in the Cathedral or at some monasteries.

But call and talk to the secretary and they should give you the proper information.

My Archdiocese has one indult which is about 20 minutes away from me, and the Cathedral offers Latin Mass as well.

Check your parish website or call their offices for approved liturgies of any rite.

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