I just heard of a group called SSPX. I heard their excommunication has been lifted.

I just have one question:

Do their homilies still have errors? :confused:

God Bless.

Before we bother trying to answer that, how about you first prove that their homilies had errors in the first place, ok?

If you pay a visit here: and enter “SSPX,” you will see more on both sides of the SSPX debate than you will ever care to read or know. What it amounts to is, yes, the excommunications are lifted, but their priests and bishops are “suspended a divinis,” which means their sacraments are “valid, but illicit.”

As for their homilies, it would depend on the priest, like in any parish. But the SSPX as a group doesn’t teach heresy, nor have they ever been accused of being heretics - the excommunications were over consecrating bishops without permission. The main sticking point with full regularization is the acceptance and interpretation of Vatican II.

Oh, there’s a lot to do wit hthe SSPX lately. I’d suggest you browse through the forums.

There are talks of regularisation of the SSPX…but, we need to pray hard and often.

But to answer your question, I’d doubt if any of their homilies have errors in the homilies. Maybe a few things, utterly minor, but nothing heretical.


Took the bait, did ya? :smiley:


I am a member of the SSPX and this is well said. The SSPX does believe it has extraordinary jurisdiction to administer the sacraments, and that is a long canonical debate (some of which is here I went to the Novus Ordo mass growing up and I can tell you I have heard (and/or my parents have heard) multiple times heresy being taught by post vatican II rite priests but never once have I heard a SSPX priest teach heresy. This does not mean of course I think that all SSPX priests are perfect, just that their seminaries are teaching what the RCC has always taught.

God bless

It is true, the priests of the SSPX do get a beating quite a lot. I don’t mean on the forums at all, but in the press and on some blogs and other discussions. I just pray that they are regularised, I really do! It would be so much of a benefit! Just think…anyhow, I don’t want to derail the thread.

I don’t necessarily believe there has been any theological errors taught by this group. However, the group has made some serious mistakes regarding church law (as opposed to church teaching), which resulted in the original excommunications and suspension of some of its members, and at least one of its leaders has made public comments that shows he has gravely erroneous beliefs regarding history. This can add up to a confusing environment, especially one who is new to the controversy surrounding the SSPX.

If you attend a mass, you should be safe when the priest or deacon discusses to faith and morals during the homily. Be prudent though, should he discuss the Society’s current status or “official” position regarding related matters. There is a lot of information and misinformation floating around, and you should double check any facts or opinions expressed to make you fully understand the context of his statements.

Good luck!

Thanks guys for the advise. I’ll pray to God to help lead the SSPX to the truth.
I check that topic too.

I asked my parish priest and he said they taught errors. He was part of them before, he is now a FSSP. He did not tell me if they still have errors. That’s why I am asking.

God Bless.

They SSPX do know the truth and are in the truth. They always have been, and they do not teach errors at all. They teach the authentic Catholic faith as it was before the confusion after Vatican II.

It is possible that this priest was referring not to the society as a whole but rather to particular priests he knew in it? Also, I would assume it was in reference to what they have to say with respect to the second Vatican Council and the OF or interpretations of Canon law rather than anything else. There are SSPX priests who have said very questionable things with respect to these.

If that were true, why would the FSSP priest say “They preach error”? If it was just one priest; even though that is highly, highly unlikely; you would think he would say “stay clear of X priest”, rather than smear the entire Society if what the OP claimed is accurate.

Maybe he knew more than one, and projected it upon the whole society, mabye he used to agree with their arguments for justifying the actions of Archbishop Lefebre or remaining suspended etc but now doesn’t and so thinks they are wrong about that. There was something that made him join FSSP instead of SSPX, his comment was probable related to whatever changed his mind on being part of the SSPX. No one here can say for sure what that is, so we should give him the benefit of the doubt. :shrug:

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