St. Amanda?

Anyone know anything about St. Amanda of Jerusalem?

Feb 6 is supposed to be her feast day?

Information on the internet is sparse. My duaghter Amanda would like to know. :smiley:


This is my favorite Saints database. Sadly, nothing on St. Amanda :frowning:

I haven’t found any St. Amanda (yet), although there is a St. Amandus (Amand), whose feastday is indeed February 6.

Amanda is the feminine form of Amandus. :slight_smile:

That’s what I was just going to say. There may be an obsure female saint with that name.
Some of the early church maryters were really don’t know a great deal about.

Here’s an interesting (at least it is to me) website. :slight_smile:

Actually the saint is NOT St. Amanda but rather St. Amand. St. Amand was a bishop whose feast day as you noted is February 6th. He is patron saint of wine makers, beer brewers, merchants, innkeepers, bartenders, and boy scouts. He was born in 584 and died 675. If you google him you can learn more about him.

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