St Andra Church, Salsburg


Taste of what is happening in Europe… Very weird!


Ah Salzburg, the city of Mozart, why must innovation harm the beauty of the Mass so? :frowning:


Ummm, OK, I watched it. I’m assuming that you guys don’t like organ music? How does that video have anything to do with the mass? Maybe I’m missing something…


I like organ music probably more than anyone here. But I don’t go to church just to listen to it. Not anymore anyway. :smiley:


Okay, so I don’t have time to watch it all the way through, is this supposed to be a “light show” with the organ music?

If so, then is it at a Mass?

Brenda V.


When posting visual reference links:

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  2. They should be posted within a framework of both time and event.

As this particular link appears to be a concert with light show, and indicates no liturgical or sacramental involvement whatsoever, it fails to meet the above criteria, and the thread is now closed.

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