St. Andrew or Fr. Lasance Missal? Latin-only Missal?

Which is better, the St. Andrew or Fr. Lasance missal? And where can I find them for a low price? I know one used to be able to order the St. Andrew one here, but now it is unavailable with them.

The reason I ask is that I find the Latin of the Baronius and Angelus missals too small. It should at least be the same font size as the English. A missal with no English and all Latin would be even better, but I do not know if such a thing exists…


I use a St. Andrews and it is perhaps the smallest typeset of most available missals. Since it is a pre-1955 missal, there will be a few differences from Masses celebrated according to the 1962 book.

The largest Latin-English typeset is probably the Marian Missal.

My husband just wears his reading glasses.

I can read the small Latin; I’m young, but what annoys me is when the English is bigger. That Latin should be bigger!

Then I would go with St. Andrews. It contains in depth explanations of rubrics, practices, and histories of saints. I run our parish bookstore and I get them from St. Bonaventure Publications (406)-452-5452.

Sure there is. It’s the one the priest uses. Beautiful red and black print. Missale Romanum 1962. There is no law saying you can’t keep a copy at home.

I use the St. Andrew missal and love it!!:smiley:

I prefer the St. Andrew over Fr. Lasance, but do use a latin only hand-held missal when I assist at Mass.

As to where you can get them, and I’m assuming that you are speaking of on the cheap. I go to the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop here in LA once a week. I’ve found several old (many that look unused) people’s missals, as well as large and small Altar Missals, and other Liturgical books frequently. At $2.25 a volume, they are cheap enough to donate to the local Ecclesia Dei book sale that takes place in front of the parish after the EF Mass. The Actual all laitin Liturgical books get filtered out to priests and seminarians who are looking for them.

So look around the local Thrift Shops, or Parish Festivals and Tag Sales, (Say a little prayer to St. Anthony first) and give it a try.

You can download the Latin-only Missal from here.

1088 pages. Hope you have enough paper, ink and binding material. :slight_smile:

Very Nice link. Too bad the it was not scanned in color. It would be nice to have the rubrics in rubra.

I seemed to recall it being in the Old English font and color. I don’t know what happened.

I called them, and they said they were out of stock. Maybe I will order one from the FSSP bookstore. Is it re-typset or simply a facsimile?

How does the St. Andrews compare in your opinion to the Baronius Press missal? Thanks

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