St Andrew & St Francis of Assisi

Is there an obvious influence that St Andrew may have had on St Francis of Assisi?

I looked up the life of St.Andrew and I dont see any specific connection in spirituality to St.Francis but you never know.

One possible connection, which is my own opinion, Andrew was an aposlte of John the Baptist, and I can see St.Francis as being a type of John the Baptist apostle. Also in St.Francis rule, the brothers are called to live the Gospel(which is now a part of most religious orders rules), so you can say St.Francis can connect with any of the apostles.

From what I know, St.Francis loved St.John’s Gospel the most.

St.Francis loved Lady Poverty. He wanted himself and his brothers to BE POOR.This would be different to the spirituality of Mother Teresa who was to HELP the poorest of the poor. St.Francis was unique because he lived in a time where a group people called the Cathars lived in super poverty so to say but they preached incorrectly by teaching the body and material world was evil. St.Francis and his brothers taught that God made the world “good” and creation should remind us of God (not in a way where creation is greater than God.) So in a way they preached against the Cathars.

My Franciscan confessor once said that St.Dominic went to preach to the people OUTSIDE of the Church, ala heretics and the such. But St.Francis due to the materialism of the day (including some Bishops) went to preach to the people INSIDE the Church.

In our times we face the materialism of socialism and communism.

I’m not sure what you are asking.

St. Andrew was an Apostle and Simon Peter’s brother, contemporaries of Jesus.

St. Francis lived in the late 12th early 13th centuries.

Other than leaving his work, home & family to devote his life to Christ, as did the all the Apostles, what kind of “influence” are you looking for? :confused:

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