St. Andrew's Catholic Parish will carry banner in Portland's Pride Parade

On June 4, Zegar met with a group of St. Andrew’s parishioners, who decided to stand by their 17-year commitment to Portland’s gay community. At Mass on Sunday, Zegar shared the group’s decision with the congregation, who responded with a standing ovation, according to Tom Karwaki, who chairs the parish’s pastoral council.

To march in such a parade is to support the ideology. That is not consistent with the Gospel.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess they don’t offer the TLM at that parish.

Ridiculous. Where is their bishop?

“We’re not acting out of disobedience,” Karwaki said.

“Parishioners from St. Andrew Catholic Church, which has a longstanding commitment to social justice issues, will march in Sunday’s Portland Pride Parade with a banner proclaiming their parish identity, despite the wishes of Archbishop Alexander K. Sample

I think someone needs a dictionary for Father’s Day with a post it note on the page defining “obedience”.

It is to be greatly hoped that the bishop will take the necessary disciplinary measures towards those four parishes, as well as that he explicitly orders to the pastors of those parishes, under pain of severe disciplinary action, that their parish refrains from participating in the ways proposed.

As soon as I saw the title, I thought, “St. Andrew’s.” And I was right!

We knew it well. :frowning:

Newton says it’s just a “difference of opinion” as if the word of God is just another “opinion.”

It doesn’t really surprise though. It’s just another one of the “fruits.”

Another wound to The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The article seems to display the level of moral reasoning and intellectual rigor we can expect today.

I agree. :sad_yes: But some are going to march so …

Could we donate some some T-shirts for them, like:

“Repent and Return!”

“We hate the sin, love the sinners
Confessions Saturday 4 - 5 pm”

Their decision making powers are so cloudy they might wear them without looking. :shrug:

Can something be done (to back the Archbishop) instead of ceding a parish to these poor silly rebels?

With all the parish closings that have gone on in the US (usually for $ reasons it seems) –
here’ is a good one to consider. Or else transfer out the current leadership and transfer in the gutsiest theologically orthodox evangelists you have (at least two) to bring the good medicine to the sick there. It also might possibly save the souls of the priests (and parishioners) who’ve let this get so out of hand. < A Church approved outreach to people who are tempted by SSA.

He asked them not to do this. I am saddened and disgusted. But this is Portland Oregon and let me tell you the Gay Lobby is VERY powerful here. There are many misguided souls who think that being Catholic means celebrating whatever people want to do even if against the Church. We have a lot of pro abortion “Catholics” too :frowning:


Especially in Portland. It’s the land of fruits, nuts and flakes. Former Portland Mayor Sam Adams would announce his homosexuality before EVERY speech, every talk, every public event. As it turned out he had “seduced” a young (under 18) intern during his campaign but got people to hide the fact as he was in a competitive election. It came out…too little too late…

But you see what is going on in Portland. Archbishop Sample like the Archbishop of San Francisco has landed in the belly of the beast.


Here’s their mission!

St. Andrew is a faith community baptized into one body, which honors and celebrates diversity. We welcome and include persons of every color, language, ethnicity, origin, ability, sexual orientation, gender expression, marital status, and life situation.

Nothing about celebrating CHRIST and the CHURCH…God help us.


His quote is easily misunderstood - or if it is perfectly understood :eek: !

“The Catholic Church supports** gay** people, even though there is a broad difference of opinion on their lifestyle,” Newton said.

He at least needs an editor.

Delete the political word “gay” and also “of opinion on their lifestyle.”

Correct it to “between accepting the person and accepting or excusing the temptations and sins they’re trying to master and put behind them.”

"The Catholic Church supports ALL people, even though there is a broad difference between accepting the person and accepting*** or excusing the temptations and sins*** they’re trying to master and put behind them."

… would have been much better and clearer. :gopray2:

It might not be in the pastor’s power. I do wonder if the Bishop can place all the parishes under an interdict. The pastor would then be prohibited from offering any parishoner the sacraments until it was lifted. Maybe it would get through their skulls then that the Bishop wasn’t simply making a suggestion.

Seems to me that he said what he meant to say. And he will walk his talk. Perhaps that is heroic to some, just as everybody who “comes out” these days is lionized as a hero. It used to be that “hero” was a label applied to those who saved babies from burning buildings, prevented terrorists from crashing into the Pentagon, things like that. Now its applied to whiny homosexuals and those who enable them.

I was asked to interview for a teaching position in a suburban/rural Oregon town a while back. When I did a little research and found out that the townspeople had elected a shemale as their mayor, I quickly lost interest. That’s Oregon and if your name is Lot, time to vamoose.


Tis a silly place.

He asked them?

And why was their so-called mission (that you quoted in another post) allowed to stand?

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