St. Anne in old,oral family tradition?

:slight_smile: Well, yes, sort of!

Because in remote south Texas “ranchos” long, long ago, nearly all family praying was oral, whether in English or Spanish.

Tonight we thought maybe some of you young families of today might like to try this English prayer to St. Anne, bearing in mind that I, for one, cannot vouch for who it was who first came up with it, nor wrote it down, but our own old people of long ago assured us that they, too, had an oral tradition, in Spanish, extending back many many years of the same or similar tradition. Perhaps all the way back to Spain in the Ages of the Truth Faith, so who can say?

Anyway, any bad spots are mine, and now as I recall from half a century – and more – ago:


"Oh, Saint Anne! Who doeth listen with pity and compassion to all who call upon you in our afflictions!

"Here our prayers we beseech thee, for our loved ones, that they
be in good health, and well from whatever ails them.

"Protect us from all serious diseases and ailments especially polio, ___, ___, etc.

And from all serious accidents and injuries,
And cease not to intercede for us until our requests be granted,

Above all, obtain for us the grace of one day beholding Our God face to face, with thee and Mary and all the saints, praising and blessing Him throughout all Eternity,


Well, good people, I still try to say this everyday, but in the course
of so many decades, who knows what I may have forgotton?

The old people are long gone, their wisdom and oral traditions long since dead and buried with them.

But, hey! Maybe there’ s enough here that some young parents may one day draw some comfort from it.

If so, Good Luck!

:thumbsup: Aurelio :thumbsup:


:slight_smile: Forgot final part of old St. Anne prayer/petition:

“One Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be!”


Aurelio :thumbsup:

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