St. Anne's Feast Day?

Hi, this is my first post. I am not a Catholic (yet). I hope to get over some intellectual hurdles so that I can join the Church. Just for background, I’ve been a practicing Baptist since childhood but left it last year to dabble in Anglicanism (really a stop-gap on the way to Rome).

My question is: today is St. Anne’s feast day, but the priest did not mention it today and he wore green vestments. Also, my little misselette does not mention her today either. I’m perplexed.

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To put it in coloquial terms, Sunday trumps a memorial, which is what the feast of Joachim and Ann is. There are only a few things that could replace the regular celebration of a Sunday and those are basically solemnities. If a memorial or other feasts fall on a Sunday the Sunday usually takes precedence.

Sundays are like a “little Easter” and we are celebrating the Resurrection of the Lord. Jesus always takes priority over the Saints. If this feast had landed on a week-day, you would have heard the stories of St. Anne and St. Joachim at the week-day Mass. :slight_smile:

As it turns out, our priest wished a “Happy Name Day” to all of the "Anne"s in the congregation. :slight_smile:

As other posters have said, all Sundays are technically ‘feasts of the Lord’ and thus take precedence over memorials of saints. I am not certain, but I would think that if your parish patron was St. Anne, the priest would be free to celebrate the Feast today in place of the ordinary Sunday liturgy. Does anyone know?

Yes, he could. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for clearing that up. That makes sense.

I f I remember correctly, the feast of the patron of a parish is a solemnity in that church. A solemnity displaces a Sunday in Ordinary Time [as does a Feast of the Lord, but not other feasts], but not in Advent, Lent or Easter Season.

In the universal calendar, St Anne is only a Memorial, and would not displace any Feast or Solemnity.

Yesterday I attended a solemnity at St. Ann’s parish church, because it is their patronal feast. It was lovely and included a procession. :thumbsup:

Just a little fyi. The Holy Father, in his Angelus address which he delivered yesterday, made note of today’s Feast Day. He said that:

Another point for reflection comes to us from today’s Feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne, parents of Mary and, therefore, grandparents of Jesus. This feast makes us think about the topic of education, which has such an important place in the pastoral work of the Church. In particular, it invites us to pray for grandparents, who, in the family, are the depositaries and the witnesses of the fundamental values of life. The educational task of grandparents is always very important, and it becomes even more so when, for different reasons, the parents are not able to ensure an adequate presence to their children, while they are growing up.

I entrust to the protection of Anne and Joachim all the grandparents of the world, giving them a special blessing. May the Virgin Mary, who, according to certain beautiful artistic renderings, learned to read sacred Scriptures at the knee of her mother, Anne, help grandparents to always nourish their faith and hope at the font of the Word of God.

I wonder if it would not have been appropriate, at least after the Post-Communion prayer, to have had a blessing for grandparents on this day. Just a thought.

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