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The lost watch (Saint Anthony the Wonder Worker)

Some years ago I lost my watch. Late one night, a week later I finally prayed to Saint Anthony for help to find it. The next morning we drove to the parish of Saint Anthony of Padua, which was some miles from our home and attended Mass there. After Mass I stayed behind a little and my husband went back to the car park to wait for me. It has been raining for a week and the grass was long and wet. The ground was muddy. My husband saw something shining in the grass and out of curiosity he bent down and scooped up a handful of mud and guess what? My watch was there in the handful of mud. What was the explanation for this? We had attended a Mass at that church the previous week.

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**Help from heaven (Answers to Prayer) **

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I am usually not one to give creedence to such type of saint intercession stories, but St. Anthony has come to my aid too many times fo doubt it. A few years ago I had gone from work to an appointment and in the middle of the appointment I realized that the diamond was missing from my necklace. The diamond was once on my dad’s ring and it was expensive. I searched all over the office I was in and then traced my steps (it wasn’t a long walk from the car to the office). Then I looked all through the car and drove back to work and traced my steps. I knew I had it on before I left for the meeting because I was combing my hair and noticed the necklace, adjusting the clasp (you know how when the clasp drifts to the front and looks bad). Anyway the diamond was not in the bathroom or in my office. I went home very sad. On my way home I stopped in the church and said a prayer before St. Anthony’s statue. The next morning I went to work and stopped first in the bathroom. There on the floor, in the middle of the floor, was my diamond. He has also come through for me with other things but that was the biggest


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