st. anthony?


a few years ago i recieced a medal in the mail, but since i already had a crucifix on my chain i had just kind of stored it in my rosary box. but now since my cross was torn off in a tussle with my brother (just brotherly wrestling around no malice) i put on the medal. i asked my mom what saint it was, she told me it was st. anthony. who was st. anthony? what is his story? and whats his prayer?


I’d post this in the Spirituality forum, too. WHo did you get the medal from? Was there a letter, a pamphlet etc with it?


St. Anthony of Padua?

The most common prayer I know of his is “Dear Saint Anthony, please come around! My _________ is lost, and cannot be found!”

He’s the Patron of lost articles. To date he’s found my keys, sunglasses, cookbook, prayer book, and textbooks several times over. He’s one of my favorites. :thumbsup:


I remember the same prayer as “Anthony, Anthony look around! There’s something lost that can’t be found!” LOL

Anyways, from what I remember Anthony of Padua is a saint revered by Italians but not of Italian origin himself (I forgot where exactly he came from but I think a spanish speaking country like Portugal). Also If I’m not getting him confused with another Anthony he is often depicted with the infant Jesus.



My Mum mentioned to me that my Dad was always losing things so I bought a St Anthony medal for him…he lost it!:slight_smile:


Two of Christendom’s greatest saints are named Anthony.

St. Anthony the Abbot essentially founded the monastic life.

St. Anthony of Padua was one of the greatest preachers the Latin Church ever knew.


:eek: Yes, he did come from Portugal originally - they speak Portuguese there, not Spanish. :nerd:


A friend came to my place tonight and we watched the movie of St. Anthony of Padua - it was an awesome movie.


i dont remeber who sent it to me. it had stuff with it but i guess it was all thworn out and mistaken for garbage years ago. aqny way hes holding the baby jesus. if that helps. im gonna guess of padua. so thanks all.


St. Anthony of Padua was very well known for his anointed preaching. People flocked to hear him.

If I remember correctly his tongue did not decompose after his death, as he used his speech to glorify God and win souls for Him.


Same here! I don’t know what I would do without his help sometimes. DH always says if my head wasn’t attached to my body yada, yada, yada…


My mother, when she was pregnant carrying me, had a very difficult time, and she didn’t think she I would make full term. She prayed to St. Anthony and promised to name me after him, if I was born healthy. Well, that was 55 years ago and hence, my middle name is Anthony.

James Anthony R.


St. Anthony is my patron saint, and is known as the “miracle worker”. He is the patron saint of preachers, and travelers among others.



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