St Benedict Press Catholic Scripture Bible

I have to admit I do like St Benedict Press Bibles. I own a few Bibles (some I’ll be donating to my local Church including Baronius Press and Ignatius), but I like the presentation of St Benedict Press Bibles, the coloured artwork and the extra information that’s always included in their Bibles.

So I have a St Benedict Press Douay Rheims which I really love reading ( I prefer it to the Baronius edition I own) and today I bought the Catholic Scripture Study Bible RSV mainly because I’ve been looking for a nice RSV Bible.

I’m not sure if I’d call it a “study Bible”. It does have several coloured pages throughout concerning:-

Apologetics Index
Coloured stain glass images of people and events
New Testament timelines
130 topical index of Bible references
24 Faith Facts
Event Maps

These are on a thicker glossy pages. Really very nice actually.

The pages are an off white with gold gilded edges. Type face is 10 point I think and very easy to read. It’s slightly wider than the Ignatius Bible. The leather is nicer though, it has a grain as opposed to Ignatius which seems more like a plastic than leather (even though it is the leather cover version).

The Bible opens easily, sits flat when you read it with the expected “floppiness” of a soft leather Bible. The Ignatius in comparison has a very tight binding that makes reading the verses closer to the inside margin very difficult because of how tight the binding is. I find myself trying to hold it open so I can see the words in that area.

I’m not sure St Benedict Press get a good wrap for their Bibles, probably because some are concerned about pages being glued rather than stitched but really in this era the glue used is so much better than back in the day and I’m sure is just as good as stitched in this case. I haven’t had my Douay Rheims fail on me.

I do recommend this Bible. I like it better than the Ignatius RSV even though that is a very nice one.

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Inside margins that are too narrow, as in the Bible that you describe here, are something I find particularly annoying. You have to keep tilting the book from side to side as your eye travels along the line. It‘s one of the worst things about buying books online, because you can’t check that on your computer screen.

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Thank you for the review! I shall have a look, as a good, high quality bible that is not 60 years old is a nice bible indeed.

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I don’t have this one, but I do have a couple of Bibles from St Benedict Press. They are lovely volumes, a pleasure to hold and read.

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