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I know very little about him. But he always pops into my mind on his feast day. The first time it happened I was a young teenager. So I feel like there must be something I am supposed to learn about him. I’ve done some google searches. My patron saint is St. Therese and I find her easy to relate to and learn from :slight_smile: But I have a diffcult time with Benedict :slight_smile: Can someone explain a little about him or what might be a good resource?


there is a book out comparing the little way of St. Therese to the Rule of St. Benedict as guides for lay people living the Christian life in the world, and the title is something very like that, should be able to google it, and I reviewed it a while back in one of the threads on Benedictine Oblates. search on that and you will find a lot

here is a link from one of the reference threads


The devotion to the Medal of St. Benedict is old; but it would not be possible to know precisely when it started. An event reported in the life of Pope Leo IX, who was pope from 1048 to 1054, evidences its antiquity. THis pope was born in 1002 and was called Brunone; as a child he was taken care of by Bertoldo, bishop of Toul.
On paying a visit to his parents to Eginiskeim Castel, while he was sleeping, a poisonous frog trode on his face and bit him dreadfully. To the cries of the child came his parents. After two months’ terrible pains, once lost his voice, the child fully aware, saw a lighted stair which, from the sick-bed went out of the window and touched the sky. A venerable old man was going down the stair, holding in his left hand a long staff on which the Cross of Christ was engraved. Once he reached the sick, the venerable old man touched Brunone with the Coss. THen, the young man understood that the old man was the Patriarch St. Benedict. Suddenly, from a sore close to the ear, the poison went out, and a few days later, once the sore healed, Brunone recovered completely. In mid-1600s, in Bavaria, the abbey of Metten became the centre of devotion to the Cross of St. Benedict, and from Germany the habit of wearing the Medal of St. Benedict, as a secure defense against the tricks of satan, started to spread throughout the Catholic world.
On the Breve dated 12th March 1742, opening with the words Coelestibus Ecclesiae Thesauris, Pope Benedict XIV approved the devotion to the Medal and Cross of St. Benedict.

Filial trust in St. Benedict:
Oh, Holy Blessed father, aid to those who beseech you: take me in your protection; defend me from all temptations in my life; have the mercy of heart compuction and of the true conversion on me, to make amends for all sins committed, to praise and glorify God all my life long. Man after God’s heart, remember me in front of the Almighty, once forgiven for my sins, for he makes me firm in Good, he does not allow me to depart from Him, he welcomes me in the choir of the elect, together with you, and the Saints who followed you in eternal Blessing.
O Mighty and eternal God, for the merits and example of St. Benedict, of the daughter, the Virgin Scolastica, and of all the holy monks restore in me your Holy Spirit; give me the strength in the fight against the temptations of evil, patience in life’s tribulations, prudence in dangers. Increase in me the love for chastity, the longing for poverty, eagerness for obedience, the humble faith in the compliance with Christian life.
Comforted by you and backed up by the charity of the brothers, may I serve you happily and reach, as a winner, the heavenly home together with all Saints.
For Christ our Lord.

-from the Germoglio St. Benedict pamphlet

*Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour our our deaths. Amen. *



Lord have mercy * Lord have mercy *
Christ have mercy * Christ have mercy *
Lord have mercy * Lord have mercy *
Christ have mercy * Christ have mercy *
Christ listen to us * Christ listen to us *
Christ answer us * Christ answer us *
God, Father in Heaven * Have mercy on us *
Son, Deliverer of the world ""
God, the Holy Spirit ""
Holy Trinity, Only God ""
Holy Mary Pray for us!
Blessed Holy Father ""
Glory to the Patriarchs ""
Compiler of the Holy Rule ""
Portrait of all virtues ""
Example of perfection ""
Pearl of Holiness ""
Blessed Holy Father ""
Sun that shines in the church of God ""
Sun that shines in the house of God ""
Inspiration of the Saints ""
Seraph of fire ""
Transformed Cherub ""
Author of wonderful things ""
Blessed Holy Father ""
Model of Cernobites ""
Dominator of demons ""
Uprooter of idols ""
Honour of the confessors of the faith ""
Consoler of souls ""
Help in our troubles ""
Blessed Holy Father ""
Angel of God who removes the sins of the world, forgive us o Lord!
Angel of God who removes the sins of the world, answer us o Lord!
Angel of God who removes the sins of the world, have mercy on us o Lord!

We take refuge in your protection, our Holy Blessed Father, do not disdain our suffering in all our needs, tribulations, and come to our aid in the fight against the malignant enemy and to reach eternal life in the name of Jesus Christ Almighty.
V) He is blessed by God;
R) Who defends all his Sons from heaven.

ALl powerful God who has honoured his beloved Saint Benedict with the gift of his great love, so that innumerable souls come to you, we humbly beseech thee, for his merits, to kindle and inflame our hearts with Your love. For Christ our Lord.


If you google him you will find a lot of resources. I personally used to go on retreat at a Benedictine monistary once a year for about 20 years till about 5 years ago. I need to get back into the practice. If you have one in driving distance I highly recomend it.


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