St. Benedictine Medal

So my father gave me a st. benedictine medal (crucifix), and i was wondering, since it is a sacramental, does it need blessed again after changing hands? (from my father to me)

Since it was not sold, it doesn’t have to be blessed again, but if you like to have it blessed anew, no harm would be done.

The intercession of Ss Benedict and Margaret of Antioch (aka St. Marina) have helped my kidney function improve from 19% (diaylsis starts at 15) to 54 (six points away from stage 2)!

Thats amazing :smiley:
so if it is sold then it does. Check :slight_smile:
I might have it blessed again anyways.
Thanks for your reply
I’m praying for you

Since your question has been answered…

True story; I used to sell bootlegged St. Benedict medals in Mexico City back in the day.

Ha ha
how where they bootleged?

Well, I’d rather not go into detail about all of that. Let’s just say it was really hard trying to find a job in Mexico for someone who was the color that I am and who’s Spanish is not very good. You meet some, uhm, interesting people with good intentions and you get into selling bootlegged St. Benedict medals!

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