St. Bernadette

Does anyone know of any good websites with alot of good informationa bout her?
The local catholic bookstore is closed so I am waiting on my copy of the Song of Bernadette

Keep in mind that Song of Bernadette, interesting as the book is and inspiring as the movie, is fiction.

Not everything in it should be taken literally.

For one minor point, Dean Perymale died before St. Bernadette did.

i do learn something new everyday!
do you know of any good biographies then??

St Bernadette is my favorite female saint. I visited Lourdes and her home and studied as much as I could about her. The book that has left no stones unturned that I highly recommend is,

St. Bernadette, Soubirous by by Francois Trochu

The movie “The Song of Bernadette,” is based on the book, by Franz Werfel.

Although they did a good job, and Jennifer Jones was excellent as St. Bernadette, they did take license with the historical facts, but the gist of the apparitions are true.

I recommend the book. It also includes writings by St. Bernadette, when she was a nun. Despite being thought as stupid, her writings match those written by great saints.

One thing about St. Bernadette. Her sainthood is like the way she lived, very humble. There are no novenas to St. Bernadette. All novenas concerning St. Bernadette are directed to our Lady of Lourdes.


Info on Franz Werfel, who wrote the book, “The Song of Bernadette.”

An identified Jew, Werfel left Austria after the Anschluss in 1938 and went to France. After the German invasion and occupation of France during World War II, and the deportation of French Jews to the Nazi concentration camps, Werfel had to flee again.[2] With the assistance of Varian Fry and the Emergency Rescue Committee in Marseille, he and his wife narrowly escaped the Nazi regime and traveled to the United States.[2]

While in France, Werfel made a visit to the shrine of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, where he found spiritual solace. He also received much help and kindness from the Catholic orders that staffed the shrine.[2] He vowed to write about the experience and, safe in America, he published The Song of Bernadette in 1941.


Here is the official Lourdes Website with her biography

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Here are some other links:

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does any one know where i can find a novena to st Bernadette?

There are a couple other books on St. Bernadette that are good, too:

“Bernadette Speaks” by Fr. Rene Laurentin (Pauline-Daughters of St. Paul)

“A Holy Life” -can’t remember the author right offhand (Ignatius Press). This one has all her extant writings, including her letters. Lots of background info, especially on her family members: Her sister Toinette [also known as Marie] lost all her children in infancy/early childhood. Her youngest brother and godson, Bernard Pierre, tried religious life [took the same name she did, Marie Bernard] but left it. He was present at the beatification in the 1920s-he presented a relic of her to Pius XI-but died two years before her canonization. Her other brother, Jean-Marie, died before the canonization, but his widow and their three sons Pierre, Francois and Bernard, led the family representatives in 1933.

I went to Lourdes twice (1986 and 1993) and to Nevers once (2000). I cried tears of joy as I gazed upon her incorrupt body in the chapel of St-Gildard’s, Nevers!

“The Song of Bernadette” was the first book I ever read about Bernadette and the apparitions. I saw the movie on TV in 1966, around the time of my confimation. I haven’t seen it in years, though. I have a CD of the original movie score.

I got one when I went to her convent at Nevers in 2000. I picked up an English translation in the gift shop.

That may not help you, though…

You’re right, bpbasil…Dean Peyramale died in 1877, two years before Bernadette. She took it very hard.

The Song of Bernadette was the first book I read about her. I found out about the death of Peyramale (or least the year of it) in a book called “Bernadette and Lourdes” by a French author, Michel de St-Pierre (Image Books).

St Bernadette is one of my favorite saints, it was through her that I was received into the Catholic church on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes over 26 years ago.

I have done a quick search and these two sites have novenas to St Bernadette. I hope they help you :slight_smile:

there’s this one :slight_smile:

St Bernadette is one of my favourite Saints.
I’ve seen the movie “Song of Bernadette”. There’s a few little changes about her life but the apparitions are shown accurately.

I read a book about her called “A Holy Life”. It’s a collection of her letters and also things she said. After reading that I realized how saintly she truly is. She didn’t become a Saint because of her visions but because of her patience in suffering.

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