St. Blaise blessing from EMHC?

Is it licit and.or valid for ordinary ministers of Holy Communion to give the faithful the St. Blaise blessing?
At Mass this morning, the priest, using the crossed candles, gave the St. Blaise blessing to the servers in the Sanctuary and to one extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. Then, the EMHC blessed the priest with his own set of crossed candles.
Then they formed two lines, as in Communion, and the priest and the extraordinary minister each blessed the peope in his line.
Is this valid and licit?

Dear Strider,

The Book of Blessings (#1626) states: “The blessing of throats may be given by a pirest, deacon, or lay minister who follows thte rites and prayers designated for a lay minister…”

This can certainly be seen as yet another example of blurring the role of the priest, but it is allowed.

The Book of Blessings was prepared by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy, a joint commisssion of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences and confirmed by the Holy See.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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