St. Boniface: the saint that whacked down the tree of Thor and converted those pagans
They say social welfare has replaced hard-core evangelization in missionary efforts and so the people easily return to their old ways. In Haiti, it seems many Christians get involved in voodoo practices. In S. Korea, there’s superstitious practices regarding how the baby will be. Add to that local shrines, Confucianism, etc… Even in America and Europe, occult activity is on the rise. It’s good to help the locals with ag projects and get justice for urban people who meant no wrong, but, as we see in S. America, with leftist clergy, not taking on people’s idols is apparently not getting the job of the missionary done. It’s time for missionaries to stop playing it safe. St. Francis went to the Muslims to convert them. Sure, he didn’t go into a tent and destroy a Koran, but he didn’t dialogue forever and try to grow grass in the desert or something, either. If the story is true, he apparently did attempt to prove his God by walking through fire, but was stopped. In any case, the leader admired his strong faith and courage.

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Thanks! I don’t know if Pastor Jones’s Koran burning threat was similar, but there was only the one tree of Thor and he didn’t have to buy any tree to whack it down. Destroying Bohemian’s Grove and The Georgia Guidestones would be more practical.

St. Boniface didn’t do what he did to express some problem with society; whereas Jones probably did and so does the Left, by supporting the far right-wing Islamic groups and nations to spite Christians who ticked them off.

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