St Bridget Day: Brigittines


The Brigittines were founded as a double order, with the monks acting as chaplains for the nuns. They were devoted to the Sacred Passion, hence the Crown of the Five Holy Wounds worn by the nuns.

There are four houses – all in Europe – of the Medieval Branch.

The Spanish Branch has nuns only, and are found in Hispanophone countries.

The Swedish Branch have a house in the US in Darien, CT, and are engaged in retreat/B&B work.

There is only one house of Brigittine monks, and they are located in Amity, OR.

Emerging Brigittine Servitores:

Proposed Sisters of the Transfiguration & Holy Wounds:

Their contemplative branch: the proposed Adorers of the Holy Wounds:

Both proposed charisms will begin as CAMM Transfiguration Ministers.

and will branch off from the CCMM:



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