St. Catherine of Siena's revelation regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary

In her book, The Dialogue, she writes of her dialogue with God the Father when He speaks to her regarding the Blessed Mother. Just thought I’d share in case there are Protestant lurkers out there who are/were hesitant about veneration of Mary. (Since it’s a private revelation, you’re not required to believe it, but I hope it brings people some kind of consolation.)

“I want you to know that I permitted this to happen to rescue him from the sentence of eternal damnation under which he stood, so that he might have life through his own blood in the blood of my Truth, my only-begotten Son. For I had not forgotten the reverence and love he had for Mary, my only-begotten Son’s most gentle mother. For my goodness, in deference to the Word, has decreed that anyone at all, just or sinner, who holds her in due reverence will never be snatched or devoured by the infernal demon. She is like a bait set out by my goodness to catch my creatures. So it was in mercy that I did this.”

One of my top 10 favorite books. It’s a gem! :slight_smile:

It is! It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around the fact that the Eternal Father in her Dialogue is the same God who gave Moses the 10 Commandments, spoke to the Prophets, oh and created the universe.

On the other hand, there’s a small part of me that’s like, “Wait, what if St. Catherine is using her “dialogue” as a literary device and it’s not God speaking to her literally.” I have yet to find an “official” Church answer about this…

Regardless, I think the devil is happy to lead people away from venerating the Blessed Mother and asking for her intercession.

I wonder if in some future time, Christians will be like, “Long time ago, there was a period when many Christians, out of not being taught better, did not venerate the Blessed Mother and only regarded her as another regular human.”

Kind of like how we view Arianism and say, “What were they thinking?”

They are beautiful and consoling words.

I would like to add something:

“Indeed by her [Mary’s] merits innumerable sinners have been converted; and through her compassion souls whom a just judgement had destined to eternal punishment have been saved, and have even been delivered from the fires of Purgatory.” (Jesus to St. Mechtilde)

I also have this book, and just really love it! It is also one of my personal favorites!

Reading this thread has made me want to read through some of it again!

I believe this book is, indeed, private revelation from God the Father to Catherine. I’m not sure there is anything like it in Christian “Literature”. It is one of a kind, I think.

Feel free to correct me if you know of other major works or private revelations accepted in the Church as coming from God the Father.

It happens to be very Thomistic, too. A Dominican priest in referring to this book, jokingly made the remark that God was a good Thomist. :slight_smile:

The book is amazingly rich.

I loved reading The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Sienna, and find this passage to be a very great consolation. Thanks so much for posting it! God bless you!

There are also the revelations of St. Hildegard. I have not read them all, but she did receive at least some revelations from God the Father.

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